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Eye glasses has always been on me whether in or out.Gone are the days where I had to wear a thick old fashioned frame with a thick cover .Today in the market I can find loads of thin and designer frame that suits me on my power glass or the sun glass when I am wearing my contact lens.With more improvisation , We now have different versions of eyeglasses with lens coating to protect our eyes from reflections and our glass from scratch. We can also have our sunglasses polarised to safeguard our eyes from harmful UV rays .

GKBoptical is one store that can be found in every city in India .Such a large and successful people they are .Now ,their online website GKBopticals with their white and blue theme is every bloggers eye .Blogadda ,you have directed me at the right place for selecting Glasses for my face.I even had a chance to play "Glass On" - I actually had a virtual try on each and every lovable glass that I set my eyes upon.And I completely loved it.

Guess what..this website had everything I wanted to know about the glasses and lenses.I recalled the time a month ago when I visited my optician for a new eye glass.He told me that eyeglass comes with a number of prescription in respect to thickness,colour , specialised coatings like Satin™ AR Coating (Anti Reflective) ,Crizal® Coating and Clear Super Clean Coating. I went in for Crizal coating as I was said that it is the best with its anti-reflective, scratch resistance ,dust repellent and water -repellent property.And with GKBoptical website at my hand, I learned more about them.This site is informative in my personal opinion.

Moreover ,with the Virtual Mirror try on ,I was sitting at my laptop trying the different brands of glasses on my face from my home .What a cool app and a Time saver :)..I can now actually figure how dress-up games I used to play with my kids on my laptop take a toll on business too *winks ..ah.Now on my eyes too

About the brands.. yes,it had all the big names in it : RayBan ,Oakley ,Prada ,Mont Blanc,Polaroid,Porsche,Tag Heuer,Versace ,Bvlgari,Police ,Maui Jim ,Vogue ,French Connection,Genesis,Armani ,Dolce & Gabbana,Burberry, Carrera ,etc.You even have a ZOOM property when you select your glasses .And to the addition, you got the Free Shipping and Cash On delivery .And yes, next time this will be my choice ;)

Personally I restrained uploading my own picture and instead I want to show up my selection of eye-glasses with these pre-installed model faces
1.Vogue VO 3704 eyeglass spectacle frame would look great on my face I believe.It looks bold and rich.Frame colour: Brown
2.LEGACY RCC18NSB looks stylish and quality every way.Frame colour :Brown

I look I want to pair with these awesome eye- glasses would be definitely my Tops and Jeans , be it in my Tee's,Round-neck, Jerkins  or a Jacket .The above two eye-glasses would be a part of my daily life wearing comfortably at home and would looks great on me while I am outside too.They got the looks of both Indian cum western and will fit well in my Chudi's too.The hand-bag gifted to me by my husband would go as an accessory for these glasses.Well, any hand-bag is a great accessory for eye-glasses ,don't you think ;)
A great accessory for my Eye/Sun glass would be my Handbag
As for my traditional wear 'Saree' ,my choice would be the contact lens

Wouldn't a perfect pair of Sun glass suits me in the Summer times. Here in Gkbopticals ,the options are many .My selection -The SUNDRIVE 70106 .It's large round stylish frame got that Bollywood effect at a comfortable price of less than Rs 2000.This would always be the one I would add on with my Jeans when I drive around the city with family and friends.


  1. Nice article. Well written

  2. You have chosen nice glasses to wear. Saw the same pair at for best prices


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