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After the series of blockbuster in the making of Harry Potter Books and the movies, J.K.Rowling goes a step further creating yet another surprise. Her website Pottermore takes the Harry potter books to a new level - Interactive Books where you can explore all the books of Harry Potter. To be a part of the interactive Pottermore Books, all you need is sign-up.

Your signup requires that at least you should have read or watched Harry Potter movies and then you are assigned a group name. Well, your username has to chosen only from the list provided by the website. And yes, it is a magical name.To confirm your account, you are  welcomed by an envelope in your Inbox. Now, you are ready to explore the world of Harry Potter. Interesting, isn't it? 

An amazing world of Magical adventure is now before you. Here, you can see that all the books of J.KRowling  has been depicted as levels, the first being Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone (the one that is activated already for you). Surrounding it, are small circles which are nothing but the chapters of the book totaling 17. You can see that one of the dot is closed and the others open. It means, I have finished exploring the first chapter of the first book and the opened dots are unfinished ones. After all the dots are closed meaning having finished exploring all the 17 chapters , my second book Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets is activated. Likewise, you have to explore all the levels one by one following the curvy routes.

Coming again to J.KRowling's First Book and chapter Exploration. Each Chapter of the book has some subheading with images to read and explore. Now, make sure to keep your Volume high and your eyes keen. The page before you is interactive bringing in the real Harry Potter book to life.You can interact with the page using the below three given arrows: the left for previous chapters , the right for the next chapter and the middle for the picture right in front of you.

You can move your cursor around the image before you to zoom in and out helping you to see and hear a specific pictures  image and sound can see the letter arriving through a bike, a hut on the rock surrounded by the sea and more [something magical like an addition to the books or let me say some changes here and there to Harry potter to make it more interesting ]

On the left you can see the Read about chain with two hanging pictures namely Characters and Places. Clicking them gives you the link to the written Chapters of the book.

The beauty of this website is that  not only we explore the virtual magical world and read the Chapters but also we can make friends with real people on the virtual world, comment on what you feel about the chapters, add to favorites, share  and like. The owl seated above is your guide and gives you notifications if someone wants to befriend you or have liked your comments.

As we proceed through the chapters, more "read about"  like Spells, Objects, Books ( includes Herbology, Fantastic beasts, Preparing Potions ....) etc get added and the Pages becomes even more interactive. You got to learn your lessons at Hogwarts school, complete your targets and challenges and then pass to go to your next year at school. You are given your own profile with your scores, wands, your spells, potions, your drawings, virtual friends and your own trunks .

Note that you can explore the chapters one by one by activating each sub-heading and books. So you will have master the books, prepare your own potions, learn the spells before you can finish the whole set of Harry Potter books. And when you finally come out of the school at Pottermore Website , you will become qualified Wizard yourself. Quite funny though!

A delightful and addicting treat to all Harry Potter fans  ;) .


  1. I just LOVE harry potter... tried signing up on this site but couldn'y, for some reason... nice post :)


  2. I like so.........much and I love it.I like HARRY


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