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I can't imagine life without Internet.Internet makes my dull life lively and moreover interesting.It makes me keep in touch with my family and friends wherever I am.Now having Internet on the move through my 3G mobile phone ,I have a portable carefree life.

The Internet is fun is Vodafone Marketing campaign for 2012 to blog on the topic " How is the internet fun for you on your mobile? "

Every Mobile Phones comes with these Internet apps almost pre-installed .

It possesses,
Face Book ,Gmail ,G-Talk, Twitter 
Connecting with my family and friends 24 hrs/day
Google search - Keeping me with pace with today's technology and ideas
Shopping - Saves me time and energy during a bad weather..well,wait.It helps me to browse more products ,comparing with each in detail and so helps me to choose the best and economical.
Maps ,Places and Weather -
Keeps me informed of the weather and my location on Earth
YouTube - A global video port
Games - A two or three fun games

But,what is the use of the above applications without Internet ?. The above apps are like body with NO soul , without Internet. YES, The Life Stream of the above fanatic apps is the Internet.

With the booster nutrients ,the  Android market and the Google Play , Life becomes more creative , fun and adventurous with interesting and fun apps that can be downloaded every day on a daily basis.There is a hell lot of useful apps on the market like Indian Rail Info  (live updates and PNR status),Just Dial (Interactive search for products and services),Citibank  (all about the bank),Free SMS(send free SMS anywhere in India) and lot more for free.Isn't Internet real fun ?

Internet is fun on Vodafone. 
Here is Why it is?As I browsed the VODAFONE WEBSITE ,  I was welcomed by this English men or commentator who holds the long eight week campaign where eight different TVCs enumerating different products with Internet offerings from Vodafone were setup and streamed as a video through YouTube. There were real peoples who participated and had fun by the set-up environment created by Vodafone.The above campaign was the child of the real IPL campaign that unveils itself on the Mumbai IPL ground to show and marvel the power of Internet through Mobile phones.

Now the power of Internet streams in Vodafone to attract more customers with these best offerings (see below image)
PS: For the newbies, the above codes are QR-codes that points to a particular website.They can be scanned using your Mobile Phone with Barcode scanner (you can download it from the Android market)and just stay free.Oh God! My Magazines /Newspaper has got some too .

My possession is my HTC Wildfire S .It is my greatest gift having born in the era of 3G and in fact lucky to try the products by self .This is what I do with my mobile phone in a day

My Day with my Internet enabled Mobile Phone 
  • Peep!! The alarm goes and wakes me up early in the morning.
  • I check emails and chat invitations if any and spend some quality time with my family and friends .
  • It keeps me updated on the important news that's going around the world.The recent earthquake and the tsunami warnings are one such that was viral and made preparations vast and fast , in fact Possible 
  • I 'm a music lover, and my mobile phone helps me keep my music carving at ease.Sometimes, I cook with my ear plug on with my mobile phone.
  • I read stories to my kids and play fairy tales using Internet in my mobile phone
  • I paint,draw and play using the apps downloaded from Android Markets
  • Moreover, I make wonderful effects on my Photos using apps and my touch-phone ability which I never would have done in my Laptop.And I print them out sure to hang my photo art on walls 
  • My Phone scans for WiFi network that's available anywhere /everywhere so that I could them to browse and stay online at any time even while as I shop 
  • Quite recently I loved scanning barcodes from products and QR-codes for websites.That's y I have the picture of QR-code for Vodafone above .
  • I Facebook and twitter a lot for keeping touch with my friends and for my blog promotion using my mobile phone
  • I sometimes grab it under my bed-sheet watching YouTube streaming videos with earphones when I make my kids to sleep at night.And finally I am off to bed.
  • Overall, I Live With My Phone
If I have to write a ode to acknowledge its presence,here is how I would make the rhyme go

You wanna hear what I want to say
About my new found friend, to stay
A beauty I seek , she sleeks in fit
Always with me, on my pocket she sits
She keeps me entertained on the run
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

She is my Kobo , my Kindle
My Library in a box , just simple
Oh! She is my Play-Mate I never miss
Where I exhibit  my gifts and glitz
A Mario , a Ninja , as angry birds
I live in the world of mine , in silent words
Providing me the Hours of fun
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

I break and I make,
I build and I craft ,
As and when my imagination crawls.
I follow and I tweet,
I poke and I joke,
Oops! I have no secrets to hold.
A man-made sculpture all in one
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

No matter however far I set forth
You can locate my presence anywhere on Earth
She remains as an essential for my family's care
For them , I am and will always be there
An Ovation to her , lot of hearts she won
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

CHANGing THE BEAT on the last line!!

An Ovation to her , lot of hearts she won
She, the Internet on my Vodafone 
Come on, just for fun :) !

These moments of Internet saga on Mobile Phone can never be missed or forgotten after using them.Apart from being Fun, it is essential too.

Beware!They are highly addictive and keeps you technologically advanced .


  1. That's really innovative and fun read. You covered the technical and creative aspect really well. All the best!

  2. Super like. Especially the poem relating to this concept. You are truly a creative blogger. All the best.

  3. pretty interesting i must say..specially the ode! Good luck to u :D

  4. Nice one. I liked the Ode :)

  5. Interesting post covering comprehensively the various parts of your life touched by internet on mobile topped off with a lovely poem

  6. That is a lovely read. Very nicely you have expressed almost all aspects of using internet on your cell phone. I get a feeling you might win the contest too. All the best. :)

  7. Nice poem and pretty interesting one as well. Good one!


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