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Olympic Torch Bearers

Allan Grainger : Alan Grainger, an ex Scottish professional boxer,is a respected community member with strong ambition to tackle anti-social behaviour in youths within his surrounding community.He has trained to be a level 2 boxing coach and heads the MKAABC (Milton Keynes Academy Amateur Boxing Club)

Georgia Howard-Merrill : A Junior Rowing World Champion , she has won an Olympic Gold medal at the first Youth Olympic Games in the Women's Pairs in Singapore

Ian Cousins - A retired physiotherapist , Ian helps out through the church, with meals, visits and fundraising,taking the elderly out and helping those around's fundraising and charitable work goes largely unnoticed even playing Santa for the near by nursery as last minute stand in

Luke Webb - He has an outstanding determination to succeed despite suffering from a serious life-long illness, and being severely dyslexic.In 2004 he was awarded the RADAR Young Person's Award for the Furtherance of Human Rights for Disabled People.He has achieved BA Honours degree in 2006 and works as a Boarding Master in a School for Specific Learning Difficulties despite having learning difficulties.He has been awarded an Achievement Award by the Primary Immune Deficiency Association for his Voluntary Work over many years.

Susannah Hunt - She excels in sport: in hockey, lacrosse and especially in athletics. She is the school record holder for throwing the Javelin, Malvern Districts Senior Girls Javelin Champion and Gold Medallist Senior Girls Javelin at the County Track and Field Championships this year. She consistently finishes in the top 5 in the 1500m, and won a team Gold Medal in the 4 x 100m relay.

Milton Keynes 9,July 2012 

The Five torchbearers carried the Olympic Flame starting their journey at 8.30 a.m from Childs Way travelling along Silbury Boulevard, and finishing where Silbury Boulevard meets Grafton Gate.Schools and Offices started a bit late today just for having a peek at a once a life moment .It was a moment of excitement to share


  1. I was there. I saw them carrying the flame. It was really awesome to see them.I am really proud to be an audience to this amazing event.

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2012

    well,an event best loved when watched in not so lucky :)

  3. Hey you have been tagged for Liebster award. Please check the link


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