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This is where it all started .It was Maya who made payasum and delivered it to her as if it was from the hotel for to earn some money.

 - a continuation  from Rahul's Dad 

Maya is a young girl of eighteen. She was appointed to get the ordered food from the star hotel for lunch along with a sweet dish as she was working in a near by house washing dishes before coming to Rahul's house. Maya did as she was told along with helping Nanditha with her household chores. But one day, Maya dropped the sweet dish on the road in mistake when a dog pushed past her. Maya was frightened. Knowing the temper of Nanditha, she was trembling with fear. She had no money to buy the sweet dish again. And, she knew that Nanditha was keen on every money spent.

Suddenly, she came up with an ingeniousness idea. She decided to cook payasum in place of the sweet dish and take it to Nanditha just for that day. She thought that it might solve the problem. She ran as fast as she can to her home and made the payasum in her own way. Back in Nanditha's home, Nandhitha  was quite impressed with the dish Maya gave and asked her whether the hotel sells such classical dishes. Maya had to lie since that Hotel never sells any payasum. But, when Nandhitha asked her to get more payasum for the coming days, Maya did not seem to understand the upcoming trouble. Nanditha was going crazy over the payasum and she believes that its taste brings harmony recalling her wonderful childhood days .

Maya soon learnt a new way of earning some money. On one side, she ordered the food her Mistress wanted and on the other side, she included her own payasum to that order. Finally, she started to make few bucks. Though Maya knew that she was cheating her mistress, she still consoled herself saying that her tasty payasum brings smiles to her Mistress face.But, the secret was not a secret anymore. The cat came out of the bag one day in form of the Hotel Manager.

Rahul and Santosh could not stand seeing the young girl crying and pleading with Nanditha. Not even could Rahul’s father who was a strong minded man. But as a respected man in the household, he could only watch what was happening in his house and dared not to utter out a word. He beleived  that his son was the sole cause of the problem and could not blame his daughter-in-law's behaviour. “My son hadn’t learned the art of controlling his wife. Look at Santosh, he is one man who controls his wife and knows how to tune her to his wish. But my son being his best friend dont even know how to maintain a wife as a wife and teach her to keep her mouth shut ” he sighed and cursed his son.

Rahul unable to withstand anymore of his wife's behaviour finally said ,
Nanditha, I agree that Maya had cheated you and should be punished. But, just answer me this question. The payasum you were talking about , weren't they worth the money spent?. Instead of cursing Maya's fault, try to change your acts. I don't entertain this type of scolding and pleading in this house ” Rahul spoke in a tone that made Nanditha even worse. 

Moreover Nanditha could not tolerate her husband supporting a girl like Maya who cheated her in the first place. Instead,  he was asking her to behave properly to Maya. She was ready to cry but controlled herself and walked away from that place.

In her room, Nanditha felt very bad and she knew somewhere she was wrong but could not understand why. Her husband should have known the reason for getting the food from the Hotel. In a couple of days, she got to write her IAS exam and she was working hard towards it. She had been a good cook but she doubted whether her husband does not like her concentrating in her studies. She always had a feeling that her husband does not love her. His silence pestered her a lot. He always left  the household decision in her hand . And moreover, he does not ask her to do something she never wanted to do. He was strange and was not like other husbands who dominate the household. And does'nt she learn that's how boys are brought up coming from the conservative roots of Chennai. She did not know whether to feel happy about her husband or not towards her. She was confused .

Santosh, Rahul's best friend was all along when he was speaking to his wife. His friend Rahul’s well composed look and controlled speech made him somewhat sick. He was taken back by the way Rahul approached Gunalan's problem in the office and seen the reaction at his home now. He not even once  throw a sharp remark on any body but was talking about the core of the problem without getting angry. His friend Rahul was an example of self-poised with patience and he admired him for that. But above all he could not understand how in the world a person like Rahul can be.

All was not well with Rahul's approach. Rahul’s father scorned at his son's act . He thought,” If only I was in his place, I would have fired Maya for cheating and slapped Nanditha for taking the rules in her hand. What a woman!  She can't cook and manage her studies at the same time. My wife Sara did multi tasking in this house. She didn't have a servant in her whole life. She managed the whole house without any help. How blessed was I to have a wife like Sara! ." His face was filled with love when he thought about Sara. She was an example of beauty with brains.
The living room was a beauty. It had a place for each everything in the house. On one corner, was where Rahul maintains a small cabin with book shelves. Both, Rahul and Santosh were spending some time together in that cabin.  Santosh slowly brought out the question which had been eating him a long time,

Rahul, I can’t understand you man. Mainly, your silence towards your wife. How come are you so different. Don't you get angry at all ? Even if your wife takes pride in taking the rules in her hand ”Santosh finally asked his friend.

Rahul had expected this question from Santosh long time ago. But he had been questioned only now about his silence towards the happenings in his house.

With a silent smile, he went slowly to the book shelves on the living room .The five shelved table had many books that has been collected from his grandfather, father and him. Slowly he put his hand behind the last shelf and took out a dairy that lay hidden beneath the pile of books. She came out dressed in blue ready to be opened in his soft delicate hands. Rahul carefully wiped the fresh dust off her and handed it to Santosh

Santosh received the dairy with a confused look on his face. Rahul understood his reaction and then said,

“ Read this dairy. It is my confidante who shares my past. You will find answers for your questions inside it ”, Rahul said clearly. As he was saying, Santosh looked at Rahul’s face.

Rahul’s eyes seemed so deep and Santosh believed that his friend had a lot to say through this Dairy.

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