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Gifts Galore and I love it every time when someone surprises me with gifts . During my childhood days , there were three main occasions when I know that I am definitely in for gifts - My Birthday, Diwali time and Pongal .Especially on the fourth day of Pongal called as Karinaal ,my money pot (made in mud -mud pot which is easy to break when full) gets filled with abundance .Within days, I break the mud pot along with my siblings and we start counting our savings.Finally, we buy things we love .Other than the above days , gifts that pours onto me are awesome surprises that makes my day .

For most times, a good looking Shirt works for a Man and a gorgeous Chudi works for a Woman when gifting them .But there are certain occasions when the gifts should pamper the whole lot.
And when my turn comes to do good to someone important, I feel I am bound with a great responsibility .I along with my friend flock together to Archies/Wonders/Shalimar (reputed gift shops in my area) ,surfing the shelves for that amazing gift for a birthdays or a marriage function among our peer groups .I used to follow certain rules when picking a gift 
  • Reasonable Money
  • Decent and useful for that particular occasion
  • Something to remember 
 And when a gift agrees to  all the conditions above, then it is time to pay for it.

Gifting is not an Easy task after all.First , we have to write few selections of the gift we ought to buy and find them useful for that particular person.Then, we got to put a budget on how much to spend and finally go to shop.There are times when the one we have planned will be out of stock (or) will be too high the price than our budget. And moreover many times, we have to switch shops from one street to another to find that particular gifts .Sigh!

There was this one occasion where I struggled to pick up a gift for my husband and finally sorted out an incredible way .And let me tell you why . 

Every time , we go shopping together and there is no way that I can trick him off to get a gift for his birthday. And above all I have to use his credit card (joint account) and he will definitely know what was I up to  while checking in his online accounts .Men can never be tempted so easily to peek in what their wives are doing. I have to ask him not to see, keep an eye on him , plead him not to follow me and finally he will knew beforehand that I am getting this and this for him on his nearing birthday. No surprises then after all, don't you think? 

And that were I found online gifts works for me. I do have a Paypal account and this came in as a saviour.  I wanted to give my hubby something as a surprise as well as something useful.And eBay being my first safer choice for buying online things  including large number of gifts to choose from, I used this way of shopping to my benefit.Having chose and ordered, my gift came safely knocking my door within a week.

On his birthday, I presented him a greeting card  followed by a shirt brought when we were shopping together (is it good or bad having different taste in colors/pattern choices of shirts). We along with my little bunnies (my kids, of course) cut the home made cake and happily posed for some precious moments captured by our Canon. After an hour or so after all the fun was over, I came with his ordered gift and surprised him [ He was really surprised indeed after all and why not ;) ].I know you all now wanted to see what exactly this gift you are!
Remington F3800 Dual Foil Shaver ...tada :)
 I had to use this pic from Google (with my editing) since the one I got is been used by him now
Crazy moments prior Gifting my Gentleman
This is one experience that drove me crazy after hiding the ordered gift safely in the kitchen and following him whenever he goes to kitchen ,with heat beats and hands ready to grab him off in case he stumbles upon the hiding gift. God tell me , which place in the home he doesn't peek in ?

Ah! I can never forget the look on his eyes whenever he sees me tip toe near his side and he stares at me asking,
"Innaiku Enna aachi unnaku .. What has happened to you today ?.You are acting so funny"

And there now,  on his Birthday he got the answer   :)

Recently, I came upon a post on Blogadda where in I came across another Gifting method esp. in India called Badhai .in which uses an interesting method of gifting with Badhai vouchers via web and mobile.The recipient receives the unique gift code which he /she can redeem both offline and online from any stores that has partnered with this Badhai site.Stores like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons,Lifestyle, Flipkart, Travelguru, Tanishq, etc are all part of this gift voucher.As, I was browsing this website , I found it to have live support which guides you of how this works. Interesting huh ?

Another beauty is that it has group gifting and social gifting too. How fun is to see people coming with innovative ideas for gifting in convenience.  Some time I should use this and make myself more advanced in delivering gifts too.

Gifting is not an Hard task after all now .It is full of fun with ideas galore.

This post is a part of the contest at in association with

The above post has been awarded the Best post by Badhai .in and won me the First Prize :)


  1. Absolutely! Sometimes more than gifts it becomes even difficult to surprise! Glad to see that you managed to do both perfectly. All the best for the contest!

  2. nice post. I think I have to try this , Big bazar is near to my home :)

  3. @Mad singer - First , thanks for dropping by :)
    Presenting books doesn't work for everyone unless the receiving end should be a bibliophile or has some love for books .And yes , if you know them well then buying what they like is really awesome thing to do.

  4. @Sonaal Thank you ! And that was a compliment on balancing :)
    Yes, the tango of both gifts as well as surprise works wonder...just try and see it :)

  5. I love surprise gifts too. :) I agree with the points you mentioned in choosing a gift. They do make the special day so very extra special for both - the giver as well as the receiver.

  6. I find it really tough to select a gift. I feel one should not just give anything as a gift. It should be carefully thought through. For example if a person has got some 30 shirts, what is the point in gifting one more. At times a gift can wake up someone's hidden talent or hobby. There are many people who prioritise their other needs over hobbies and hence don't care to spend. For such people, it is important to select an appropriate gift and it will always be remembered.

  7. @Jidhu
    Thanks. Almost everyone have had the experience of choosing gifts and giving our friends/special ones the same.
    And my own experience has been jotted out here :)

  8. @sabyasachi
    Very True. We spend so much time in selecting and shelling out some hard earned money to buy a gift.And it is only worth when the gift we give is really useful in one or other ways to our family/friends/kids .

    Vouchers by seems a great idea. Give them the voucher and let them choose what they want.Why haven't I thought it before??

  9. Congratulations for winning the contest! Wow!

    Subho's Jejune Diet

  10. Thanks for the wishes ..I'm honored :)


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