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"I am the best "
" We are the best"
Which one from the above two sounds better ? 

For most of us , mainly for those whose personality surrounds words like sacrifice, helpful, caring and understanding, this word "We" is their powerful choice.No human can live in this world all by himself. If there is a reason to live, then it is only because he is caring for some one close to his heart or mind. Every life on earth depends on the other for living with peace and happiness.The chain of life and human existence extends and multiplies only when one hand takes and the other gives .

An Insightful way to cite an example

Imagine you are running a race in a contest called Life. Each one of you run for power, fame or money.Though your choices are different ,your goal is the same. Reach the ultimate spot where you have no more needs.A spot claimed to be a winner spot .

You along with your other partners run on your path.Not many can achieve your speed.Most of them wear down.Some may even fall.But you never look at them nor stop to look at them.You just run and run and run .And finally you are the winner .But you cant be happy of it.Why? There are none to share your victory ,your happiness and your life.

In case, you stopped to look at those who fell down, gave hands to some and in fact helped some to run along with you. What happens now??.  You might have won the game or see yourself one among the winners.You have people around you cheering your victory and sharing your happiness.And that's Life.

It is called the Power of We (#PowerofWe )

Few days back when I updated my FB status as 

"If you are struggling all your life and end up thinking your life sucks....Think Again ! You have survived it all what others never knew existed ."

I had only one intention on my mind. Each of us  or say almost many of us should have come across some unpleasant moments in  our life and have thought ,"Why Me??
The answer to the above question though interspersed in meaning is my Face Book status above.No wonder it had attracted few likes and few RT's as well .

Blog Action Day 2012
There are many causes that strives to get attentions through blogging media and Blog action Day 2012[#BAD12] has provided a platform to those people who voice out their thoughts that might prove beneficial to our society.This year I start with the most basic cause to improve oneself - to stay /think positive for the  #PowerofWe 

Why I support this cause called ~Power of We ?
Because I believe in it. I believe the power of love and positive vibrations can do wonders .Although I have not experienced wonders in my life but still I have felt that there exists some uplifting  in my mind , spirit  and my body as a whole . And today through this Power of We[#PowerofWe] ,I am sharing this vibe I felt to my readers for their betterment  
  • Believe in Positive thinking and the energies of Cosmos that fills the Universe.
  • While bathing , think or whisper that all that is negative are washed away along with the soap water.And with the clean water you are  filling yourself with positive things and vibrations from outside especially from the cosmos.
  • Think positive.There exists every reason to stay negative- family problems, money problems, health conditions and so on.Haven't we learnt that to neutralize the negatives , we need only the positives ? So stay positive .
  • This is a cliché .Surround yourself with people who make you happy and uplifts you in any way , not otherwise 
  • If you are a spiritual person , follow your rituals or mantras everyday.These mantras are said to produce positive vibrations .
  • You should have learned that learning to say "No" is the secret of successful people.But, today here in my blog I ask you otherwise. Learn to say "Yes" .I have seen some of my friends follow the former casually and tell that it is a good thing to say "no" but a " yes" I can do it /I will try to do it would definitely would caused you no harm unless you are asked to drown into a well  :p. 
  • Try to pick and read inspirational stories .They sure gives you a purpose to follow.
Overall, Stay Positive!

Video : Life is What We Make it

Remember, the more positive people becomes, the more positive is their surroundings  - it is a chain reaction

Is this a Cause  - Positive Thinking ??
When seeing deep into the meaning, yes it is a cause.Almost many problems that the world or an individual face is the aftermath of  rampant emotions or consequential reactions .The human mind is been dominated by negativity by his environments/medias/more and it is far more stronger than its counter part.Learning to develop or inculcate positive thinking needs more energy and work than we think. Personally I feel balancing this root cause may provide more perspective view of other living beings as well as his own self.   

" Stay Positive " and attract positivism
From the hidden energies on this cosmic universe
Believe in self , the power of mankind is tremendous
Your limits may arise , but still you find yourself moving
You may not be the ONE, 
You will still be ONE among those who tried 
" Stay Positive " and attract positivism

This post is written on behalf of  #BAD12 (Blog Action Day 2012) on Oct 15 2012 for #PowerofWe  , helping hands for a cause


  1. its a super post having positive energy . Thanks :)

  2. I am all for positive energy through our actions and words. In fact I push my pessimistic brain to think positively all the time. Great post and will definitely support the cause. :)

  3. Lovely post Uma :)
    A post oozing with positive vibes :)
    "You may not be the one, you will be among those who tried"
    How true these words are :)
    Keep posting :D



  4. @jidhu @swapna - yeah! you said it right. The purpose of this post is that I personally feel that the root cause of all problems that hss been infested in this world is only due to the mentality of man kind. If only man knows to see the brighter side more, many after effects of problems can be reduced.Just my opinion :)

  5. Wow! Beautifully portrayed. The way you exemplify things creates an aura of positivity around. SO simple yet true, we tend to run & strive for our dreams forgetting things which really matter in the end. I am a full supporter of this wonderful thoughts. Love is the essence of life, don't let go. It makes the world go round with endless possibilities & positivities :D Thanks, take care!



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