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What happens when you are given various choices to choose your apparel that too from the convenient of your home ? Be sure to be spoilt of choices at affordable price range so that your wardrobe would choke out of negligible space for adding more apparels. The reason being blooming of Ecommerce in India with reasonable price range , free shipping , offers , etc

On the eve of Saturday , a week before the new year ,  my sister and  I was returning home after shopping in our usual Nehru Street , a famous apparel shopping street in Pondicherry .It is an usual sight of people walking with hands full of shopping bags , some even unable to hold their purchases in their hands . I and my sister are one of them . It was already 9.00 p.m and getting an Auto is difficult at this hour so we had to finish our shopping as fast as we can .Most of the shops were closed down and I even missed getting a new sandal from my usual shopping place BATA. Overall, our shopping had been done in a rush and we had to go one more round to within two days to finish what we have missed up.

An auto soon rescued us from making us walk a long way to the Auto stand . On our hands and below the seats is a dozen of shopping bags each with its respective tags of shop names. We were amused of what we have shopped for the new year and the following Pongal.  I was delighted of my double shaded dark blue Saree with navy blue embroidered prints on it. All through the way, I was telling my sister how royal the Saree would be when worn on Pongal celebration. And she too agreed on my thoughts and we discussed how we did our shopping in a rush before 9.00 pm .As we entered into our area , we saw that the people are getting wrapped up for the night  making the road so silent and somewhat eerie. 

Finally, the auto came to a still near our home and we climbed down along with what all we have shopped together . My mom opened the door for us and we hurried to eat our dinner as we were starving out of hunger . Then , we opened each plastic bag and the box to show what we have brought to our mom.

Hoping we have done all the shopping our mom asked ," So I hope you have done all your shopping today. In the coming days there will be a lot of rush due to nearing New Year and it won't be safe to shop in that rush "

"Not yet Amma. I still have to get my sandals and Trisha has to get a one more Chudi as the shopkeeper said that the one she asked was not there due to non-availability of stock.So he asked us to come after two days " I replied . 

"Oh, but you know how the roads would be . Even after New Year till Pongal there will be a lot of rush. Only choice is you got to shop in the afternoon before 4.00 so you might atleast fall into less crowded roads ." said our Mom

Credits :The Hindu
Mom was right and shopping during festive seasons is a real challenge. But , it is only then new designs and festive offers club together attracting lots of people *sigh  

My sister tried her chudi and showed my Mom her  of how satisfied she was with her selection.Then ,she went inside to capture a photo on her laptop to be shared with her friends. A girly discussion among friends .

 Now, it was my turn to open the box to show my Mom , my selection of Saree. As soon as I opened the box, I was shocked .

" My green double shaded Saree ". I freaked out ." But, it was not the same that I saw in the shop. It looks different with faded look and not as bright it seemed on the shop." I was chocking a little now. " And even the navy blue prints looks a shade towards the black colour. I have been cheated ". I said with utter disappointment .

"Yes .You are right Asma .It doesn't look the same but I think it was your eyes that cheated you " said my sister Trisha

My Mom looked at us and said ," Oh ! it must be the  light .Yes , always colours look different inside the shop lighted with bright lights than what you see in the natural light ".She tried to console me.

But , I am unable to accept what had happened to my selection .I felt like crying but controlled it .

Soon my sister came from inside and said ," Hey Asma, look this one .The saree that what you are having right now. It actually the same with natrual color as to what we see now, no difference here but look at the cost its is Rs 200 cheaper in this website."

My sister was showing me a website that one of her friend referred to

As my sister was saying , my eyes went to look to another Saree , much gorgeous to what I have now and with a offer price of  30% discount . I got the laptop from her and looked further. I liked the fact that this website also got free shipping. My luck I must say

" Hey you are so sweet Trisha.You made my day " .I turned to my Mom and continued ," Look mom, I am going to get this Saree for Pongal , please can I , please , please " I pleaded with her. And as with any Mom, she accepted not wanting me to plead any more *smiles  

" But how are you going to do and how far do you think it is safe to pay for the saree what you never even seen in real " questioned my Mom.

I browsed further on the website and showed my Mom ," Ha ha look Mom ,  I have signed up and they have offered me Rs 2000 discount .I can redeem Rs 500 for this Saree with this voucher. And Mom, I can choose 'Cash On Delivery' option up to a limit of Rs. 20,000 so that we can only pay after I have seen the Saree with my own eyes .Also, if not satisfied with the product , there is a 30 days return including Customer support for any queries"

Trisha then said ,"Asma, so now we aren't going from shop to shop to buy things, the shop itself is bringing our chosen apparels directly to us .How incredible!! " Clever Girl 

It is really incredible how E-commerce has changed the way we shop.

"Whoa , loads of choices and look Trisha, I even got my sandals here .Not only sandals, it has got lots of options to choose from Bags, Home & Furniture ,beauty, jewellery, sports apart from Clothing for Men ,Women and Kids .This website is talking about our Comfortability  " I was beaming with delight .

" Asma wait , I will join you and see whether my choice of Chudi is available here ". Soon my sister joined in a minute asking me " So, how about I should go now? 

Don't worry Trisha .Since you know what you need, you can use filtering choice to find whether your Chudi is available here or not ." I continued . " See towards the left side whether you can use selections like types of Gender , Color choice, Sizes you need , Prize range and even Brands to filter and come to a selective few. Here you go. Do it yourself and see." I said and handed the laptop to my sister.

In minutes, she was delighted with joy ." Hey babe , there you are. Shakumbhari at the price of Rs.1295 .  Tada!. Asma , I love this website " My sister was full of appreciation for this Online website now.

My dad was watching the whole scene and he said ," Times have changed and people in online business consider their profession seriously. But still, I prefer you both choose Cash on delivery for the first time purchasing . This will make sure how prompt their service is and also about the product. Then, you can go in for other option like Debit ,Visa or Internet banking for future purchases"

Mom too preferred the same and asked us to follow his advice. Parents are always cautious and always make the right choice . And we did as we were told .
~ ~ ~

Two days later, three packages arrived to our home. It arrived more earlier than we thought. As we unwrapped the packaged , we saw that the items inside were neatly wrapped and presented nice . Our first impression was the presentation that was good. We checked our products for damages and then Mom paid the bill along with non-refundable convenience charge of Rs. 39 as we chose COD option .

The Saree was prefect as to what I saw in the pic. No more fooling the eyes . The service was prompt and directly couriered to my home which means no more getting crushed in the crowd.What more, festive offers were there and there are lots of designs to choose from.


  1. feels like m not reading a blog but a script of play

  2. @aanchal I am glad you liked it.Thank you :)

  3. :-) .... was more like a movie or something - loved it!

  4. loved reading the story,keep posting

  5. @anonymous, Kamini, Kavitha - Thank you so mush for the comments

    @Payal Singh - I feel that your comment was a tactic with a link to your site than your question.You got your comment published now....and here is your answer . Kindly check ""

  6. Ajay Ranjit15 January, 2013

    Hi, that's absolutely many web store. It's absolutely convenient for shoppers....most of the websites offer free shipping & Cash on delivery also. There are few men clothes related websites & i found a website that offersshirts that are in-between sizes & have different sleeve sizes for short, average & tall men. I don't think any other apparel brand that offers these sizes in India.

  7. This post remembered me of my childhood days. All of our family members used to go for shopping early in the morning & return home at late night bcoz of huge crowds in the shopping market. Now, any item can be purchased online sitting at home with single click. Recently, I purchased Lee denim pants online.

  8. This post remembered me of my childhood days. All of our family members used to go for shopping early in the morning & return home at late night bcoz of huge crowds in the shopping market. Now, any item can be purchased online sitting at home with single click. Recently, I purchased Lee denim pants online.

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