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Music is a part of my life and maybe because of this  reason I involve in writing Poetry. As always when some one offers me to review some products, I start from the basics of layman's language and build it up with technical details including photo shots and videos to make the whole review presentable. As for me , I have done justice to all my  reviews which many of them agreed and with what I really felt about the product received.

I recently received a product from a company called Bassbuds which specializes in high quality and high performance In Ear Headphone for my review.The package, I must agree is quite attractive with  well packed flip lid box containing the blue ear phone build with quality aluminium shell with its accessories. The embedded Swarovski elements adds a rich look to the ear phone and  being a woman I personally like this look . It also has three sets of white , black and luxury memory foam ear buds each with different sizes to fit your ears .
Note : You also get a voucher code BB38469  (for £5.00 discount ) to use on BASSBUDS website for any ear phone classic or fashion style especially for my readers
Bass Buds
Use Voucher Code BB38469  for a  £5.00 discount on Bassbuds

The blue wire is split into two , each with a earphone for each ear by a small button in the middle with engraved letter BB .This button is the Bassbuds controller which has the following features 
  • When pushed once helps in answering or ending a call when a call arrives and play or pause the song while hearing .
  • Pushing the same button twice consecutively moves back or forth each track just like prev and next button
  • When pushed and hold once, it serves as a voice control muting and releasing the voice.
The right wire of the earphone that reaches the right ear has another smaller button which has a mic in it and serves for speech when used in any smart phones or even with any PC sound card .

What is the BASS  ?
BASS is the name of the large drum , a percussion instrument that produces a note of low pitch or indefinite pitch and are usually seen in orchestras . Drum 'n' bass , a type of electronic music constitutes fast break-beats with occasional variation using heavy bass and sub-bass lines like Rave music, much like hip-hop,Raggacore, Dancehall music, Digital hardcore , Darkcore , Dub basslines and more .

This bass performs two vital functions namely rhythmic foundation and harmonic foundation in any band or group.The Bass though lowest in pitch plays a powerful role of supporting the harmony .
Coming to our BassBuds Review , this In Ear Headphone uses Advanced Crystaltronics sound technology to bring forward the lowest pitch " BASS" , crisp and clear reducing the noise distortion by its in-built diaphragm patterns to to maximize the performance of the micro speaker and Micro Filter for extra audio purity. Here I have snipped and stitched my favorite tracks of the Pop Legend Micheal Jackson for the Bass test .For real connections, plug in your headphones/earbuds , close your eyes and enjoy the music .

With my Bassbuds , I played the above tracks containing Bass sounds by MJ's to see how true was the earphone to its name. And believe me, I heard every piece of Bass right inside my Ear . When I tested the same with my Logitech Stereo Headphone known for its  amazing quality sounds , the Bass sound was overridden with other instruments in the audio track and was not up to the mark of BassBuds . Here ends my logical test with what I feel about the bass sound I heard.

Now coming to technical sound test, I used various audio files from and for testing the Bass sounds  .Note : Take necessary precautions and use these tests to the limit you can bear (or) your speaker supports .

Frequency response Test  :

Headphone Bass extension : The lowest possible hearing as low or equal to 20 hz defines the lowest possible sound your headphone may reach .

Headphone Treble extension : It defines the  highest possible hearing by Human ear of about 20kHz .Play until you hear high pitched underlying tone as it descends.

Bass Frequency: The Bass Test also helps in finding the Quality of your headphones.Higher the rattling sound or parasitic buzz , poorer the quality of the headphone and vice versa. Use this Test file to scan your bass frequencies.Clear sweeping tone at all frequencies justifies that your headphone/earphone is of high quality .

Sine wave Test and Quality  Test :

Left and Right Sine Wave Test : A good proper wiring to the respective earpiece also helps in determining the quality at which your headphone is build.Also relative polarity of the drivers should be moving in same direction for the same input signal .This test files determines the quality of wiring in the headphone or earbuds.

Polarity Test Center: It important signal for loudspeaker testing and contains all frequencies .The sound should sound like a rain and should come from the middle of the monitor or a well defined spot .

Polarity Test Twisted: In this test , either the sound should come from left or right speakers or from  beyond the outside boundaries of the speakers.

Disclaimer : My own individual test run according to specification from resources 
TEST FILES for Technology Multimedia Speaker 
MY BASSBUDS RESULTS as on HTC smart phone
Passed (perfect)
Passed (perfect)
Passed – though I just heard a parasitic buzz at the start for two seconds 
Left side Passed (very slight sound seen in the right side)
Right side Passed (very slight sound seen in the left side )
Passed (perfect)
Failed - I somehow couldn't differentiate this from the above
Audio files from credited resources & 

The above table are few tests I tried out and there are still more tests you can experiment with their respective resources website give above.With the above results, the plus seems more with what I have tested through my Laptop and my smart phone with satisfying results .

And if I have to high light one interesting feature in Bassbuds is not the Swarovski crystal as you might think but the mini microphone button and the BB controller which stands out from the rest of the headphones or earphones that I have come across .Overall, it is all in one music feature with a reasonable price available in the market.Also, you have large number of colour choices to choose from including the Classic style and Fashion style .

Bass buds

Features :
  • Convenient Audio Controls for forward & backward movements, answer and end call . 
  • Noise-cancelling Microphone with reduces background noise for clearer conversations.
  • Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology
  • Anti-Tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity
  • Large colour collection of Classics and Fashion Collection to choose from
  • Full Bass sound for your music, movies and games
  • Supports popular Internet calling and audio applications: AOL Instant Messenger , Skype ,Logitech Vid ,Windows Live ,Yahoo, iTunes Audio Quality and more
  • It is compatible with all Smart Phones including the iPhone
Conclusions :

This Bassbuds is cool for audio tracks especially with Bass sounds. The sounds are smooth , clear with less noise distortions.The microphone smaller in size acts handy and supports hands-free talk .The controller on the other hand supports track control , answering and voice control for the Earphone.With all these amazing features it comes with a decent value of 34 ,much lesser than the other earphones with same sound quality.What more, Bassbuds offers different colour choices of Classic collections and Fashion collections to choose from . Also, for promotional use, Bassbuds now offers £5.00 voucher discount for my readers

If you want to hear the best sound quality with decent price and good looks, here is your voucher code BB38469  (for  £5.00 discount ) to use on BASSBUDS website especially for my readers and get one for yourself  or to Gift some one special .


Disclosure : I received the above complimentary product for the purpose of a written review.  All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Whether agreed or not , I only recommend products I personally use and feel that would be good for my readers. I follow FTC rules and regulations. 


  1. Interesting research ! I like the thoroughness with which you have addressed the subject !

  2. Headphones become the need of everyone.To enjoy the real taste of music on outing people use to prefer headphone. I am also using headphones for experiencing the real enjoyment of music.


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