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The importance of  facial hairs to Men and Woman entirely depends upon the necessity, their mental and personal requirements .Women are blessed with hairs mostly on eyebrows saving them unnecessary troubles of shaving but for Men they have eyebrows, tache (moustache) and beards to take care of .Leaving behind the eyebrows the softest facial hair that offers no harm, there are few facial hairs like the ones that appears on the cheeks or chin that gives skin irritation especially to their intimate partners. Although it provides them different style options to make themselves look attractive , it has only one solution to make themselves more sensitive to their lady's touch. And you already know what I mean ."No problem smooching"
It takes more than just a good looking body. You've got to have the heart and soul to go with it ~ Lee Haney
Looking good is not only destined for Women , it very well works for Men too.Why ? Because they too deserve to get the attention in the crowd.

Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell , Jacob Black...from Hollywood , Shahrukh khan,  Salman Khan , Hrithik Roshan...from Bollywood, and  more alluring Men from Woodlands possess one thing in common - a clean shaved look . 
He that is not handsome at 20, nor strong at 30, nor rich at 40, nor wise at 50, will never be handsome, strong, rich or wise  ~ George Herbert
On a get together , I and my friend had a talk about whether our mans sporting facial hairs is a must or not .[Guys, remember these are girlish sit tight and just listen ].And this is how it goes , 

Anitha: I like Men having Moustache / tache and slight french beard.They look more manly with bits of hair here and there.

I: Unless when it is time to get cozy ....isn't it ?

Anitha: Yes.Sometimes they do hurt and burn my skins with reddish marks . But still , without the hairs in between the gap where air flows both up and down , I feel something is missing on their face .

I: Listen! I can agree with tache unless it is well maintained and trimmed .But for beard whatever shape it takes ...Ouch, I can't go in for blisters in the night. 

Anitha : But how many would agree to sport a look the way we girls wanted it to be ?

 I : That's the trick . Know what? We can read the psychology of Men with the hairs on their face .

Anitha: And what do you mean by that ? Reading his mind like what his facial hairs tell about him ? 

I : Exactly .This is not Science , it's just my intuition and well, I always respect my intuition.Here my list goes ,
  1. Men who does not have both tache as well as beard possess a clean shaved look are the ones who would like to be a perfectionist and also very careful on how he looks or carries himself either because  he is in a high profile position, or because he knew it the safest way possible to attract women species.  
  2. Men who sport their tache / beard or both in different shapes or styles but trimmed and well-maintained are the ones who takes pride in wearing looks from generic to the world class by sporting different styles. He is also one of a fashionista.
  3. Men who possess both thick tache and a wide beards may be someone who is still single or some one without days of much intimacy.Or may be he is trying to make an impression of his Manhood .
  4. Men who has a hairy face with unshaven look like the untamed beard is already on the verge of becoming weird , or had neither the time or interest  to take care of himself . He is depicted as someone who is always searching for something  .
Anitha: Wow! Great .Your intuition would work for many Men. But how in the world to make someone from the fourth list to reach the first list ?..the only way is to use the knife in the bed when he is asleep LOL .How wild !!

Ah! Very wild , I must say .But , there is more out there to this conversation.

It is very clear that most women feel good with oozing energy among their man with good clean looks whereas they doze off to sleep escaping the night with the man who can't understand how pricky their facial hairs would be .

Note this , there are ways that would help a woman to make their man to get rid of their of evening stubble .They are , 

Gift him a Razor:
Some Men are lazy. Shaving for an hour or so makes him feel time consuming and they loose interest . So getting or gifting them a branded and electronic Razor would help him to get out that unwanted facial hairs on his face within minutes and help them feel wanted . [This worked for me very well and the rest is history of winning my hubby's attention towards my need ]

Get him a branded Shaving Foam or Men's Grooming Kit:
If you can't spend on costly razors , gift him a branded shaving kit as a token of love. And after a day or so, ask him how much does he likes the gift or whether he is using it .

Signal him the message:
There are few men who get jealous when their woman look or praise other Men even on the Big Screens .So, make sure that your Men gets the message by making them realize what makes you go gaga over the shaved looks

Talk to him:
During those intimate moments tell him why you don't prefer facial hairs and what better alternative would suit him the best. Remember these only works on few such moments and when overdone they just ignore your talks

Praise him: 
If he had done the way you wanted him to look, praise him of how clean and handsome he looks.This will drop a seed inside his mind and grow naturally .The next time, you don't even have to say anything to him.He now knows how to impress you with his looks. 

Play the Cupid:
Flirt on your best looks and make him feel you wanted .Tell him you are going to help him shave today .If he agrees , rest assured and you won !

Make him Crave:  
If the above few tips doesn't help you , make your Men crave . A straight word to him ," Shave those thorns off your face or Crave all day .I'm not going to Starve my skin under those brushes . No kisses , No bruises   "
Shave or Crave
Shave or Crave
There is no room for love
This is how it works from now

No kisses , No bruises
No kisses , No bruises
My skin is safe from rashes
No hard classes , No lotion washes

Shave or Crave 
No kisses , No bruises
Shave so that I become your Slave
Crave if you not daring to do the Brave
It's time to Shave or Crave
Shave or Crave ...

And when everything above fails and you are in standing in one leg to get a shaved look on his face , recall how the above conversation with my friend ends .Worth the risk unless caught red handed on bed with Razor on your hand ending the whole scene in a nightmare 

Crazy , Crazy , how Men can be
No moments cozy , runs away She


  1. @anonmymous - your comment was too alluring to be published ,your name would have been better :)

  2. @hafeezur @manjulika - Thanks and glad you liked my post :)

  3. How about someone who has a beard only because he prefers being known as the 'dhadiwala' rather than the 'ganja' :)

  4. hilarious post :) your guiselines can come handy ;)

  5. Wooah! Never thought so much about the moustache.... Not even considered a poem on it! And cartoons :D You rock, girl !!!

    Loved your post!

  6. Enjoyed reading this. Very hilarious. Though i fall under list 1, i will remember this post always.

  7. Good one...Liked d intricate detail in the post...


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