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Straightening Hairs is the trend seen among many Curly haired women who look out for ways to alter the way they look.And there are few other women with straight hairs who go in for curly looks just for great looks to party and functions. As the way a human mind works, we keep altering or changing our external looks and what indeed is as easy as to cut, color or change the most feasible part in the human body than a Hair.

Evolution has played an important role for women possessing thick curly hair depending upon the place they are born as well as the genes they inherited with regard to Jablonski's suggestions (importance of  vitamin D ) as well as genetic patterns at the EDAR locus (of the modern human genome) for the evolution of straight hair texture . As per studies, Afro-textured hair possessed by African women are due to the adaptive need to be protected from the harmful rays of the hot sun. Caucasian hair is much less denser as compared to Afro-textured hair wherein both has enriched themselves with twists and curls from birth making them easy for braiding hairs into several strips.The percentage comes down to less to medium curly hairs by some Asians and women in other parts of the world. From decades back till date, women has been  experimenting with different ways to style and modify their hair look to the most  preferred straight hairs in today's trend .

Before starting the real experiments , let us focus on wackiest way you can dream to get your hair straightened .Below is my pictorial representation for a light heartened laugh.
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Though the above image speaks about the lighter side, the issue for getting a hair straightened is more than imagined.The products available on the market seems to promise your solution atleast temporarily . 

Blow dryer: It works for already straight hair which just needs a sleek look with a little bit hot air and a good comb .Using heat-protecting hair serum would protect the hair from external damage.

Flat irons or GHD hair straighteners: For more thick and curly hairs ,Flat irons (or) GHD hair straightener is the most commonly used  method for straightening hairs.Although effective for temporary straightening , it has to be handled with necessary caution for setting the right heat or else it will fry the hair strands .If you have to go in for this method , studies says to use treatment-based product such as Kérastase Fibre Architecte to insure optimal hair health.Various modifications like Hair Straightening Comb and LCD hair straightener plus brush uses the same technique as Flat iron

Brazilian hair straightening treatments :It uses a chemical compound keratin as a sealing liquid along with preservative solution which when ironed temporarily straightens the hair.It has high concentration of chemicals and is currently banned in some countries.

Chemical straightener: Lots of products and gels came into the market for just giving your hair the straight look.Anti-frizz serum, hairspray, and cream possess silicone and pomades which protects the hair from environmental damage and just help the hair to maintain its straight look longer .

As with any electrical equipment or chemicals products, necessary precautions and handling the usage is very essential.Campaign's on Face Book and Twitter have been launched over the damages cause by Hair straighteners. BBC have highlighted in their news about the burns caused by these hair straightener on Children  . Also recent research have proved that constant using of chemical products on hairs cause hair loss in woman as per the BBC's Africa Have your say program.

With more promising ways and with less stress on the hairs some more options to consider are :

Thermal Reconditioning: It uses flat technique but lasts longer for more than six to eight months.This method is a permanent reforming of the structure of hair and should be done under the supervision of a hair stylist .

Natural straightener: Most of our needs if quenched in one place means it is the Kitchen. Ayurveda relies heavily on items we normally use in our kitchen. Our Hairs is not an exception .Surprisingly, we tend to ignore naturally occurring hair gels and straighteners which can be achieved by a single of combination of fruits, honey, curds , sugar and milk . Coconut is a wonder product rich in lauric acid , possess bactericidal and anti-fungal properties and it can be effectively used as hair nourisher as well as hair straighteners . Before shampooing the hair,apply an ample mixture of coconut paste and milk and massage the hair .Leave it for an hour.After shampooing, blow the air dry .

Bio Ionic Hair Straightening : Sometimes called as Japanese treatment , it contains patented mineral blend called Nano Ionic Complex that utilizes advanced ionic technology to straighten the hair and lasts long with dramatic results .But , this method is very expensive for a common man and used by salon-exclusives for professionals.

Overnight Hair wrapping using rollers / heat rollers : Hairs being soft tend to take the shape where most stress is applied at least temporarily. To achieve a straight look for overly curly hairs , an hair roller overnight helps to lessen the curls. To start with , flatten and coil the hairs on the rollers and keep them in place for a night. In the following morning, carefully uncoil the rollers and brush your hairs slowly in a straight motion. You can even try the same trick, using heavy books or objects just in case you have habit of motionless sleep.

Smoothening hairs by use of silicone-based serum : Hair smoothening is now the accepted alternative which is better than hair straightener and in fact produces less harm than the straightener.  Apply ample of silicone based serum to a clean shampooed and partly dry hair with  slight even massage removing tangles if any. Then blow dry the for a fairly straight and frizz-free locks of hair .Though it inflicts some damage to the hair on continuous use due to stress of hair but with essential precautions will still keep your hair in good shape .

Braid or Plait your hair : African people esp.women  possess large amount of curly hairs and the need to tie & straighten their hair arose and as a result braiding their hairs became so popular among them .Even in India South women are taught the art of braiding their hair after a enough oiling and massaging the hair.These ways of hair care by braiding or plaiting makes room for nourishment , straight growth following the pattern the way the hairs are tied as well as protecting the hair from environmental pollution .
Get yourself some Wigs : Though sounds strange , getting yourself an hair wig is the safest way to play and possess straight hairs in seconds. Many wigs in the market are so real in look that sometimes it will fake your hair and save yourself from sudden change over for a party or function with zero risk to your own hair.

Conclusions :
Experiments on Hair is a continuous process wherein more properties of hairs are analysed and researched for the development for new devices for both straight and healthy hairs .z

Experiments : Wacky but thoughtful ideas
Provoking the electrostatic and magnetic properties of Human Hair : With results from NCBI , and the back bone idea of heat related techniques ,  

1.With the timeless cycle of regenerating itself, hairs can be modified from the young age with continuous massaging and pruning for straight growth (just like braiding hairs) .

2.Using magnetic properties of hair, we can bind them together to work for getting a straight hair in form of hair accessories or magnetic cap .

3. Recall the physics class of Conduction and Induction 


  1. I have known from some beauty professionals that hair straighteners are not good for hair ,is it true?

  2. @beauty bar - Yes, when used in excessive any heating product does damage than good.So, careful handling and low heat setting is necessary in case you have to use it

  3. Really very nice and useful post "How to get a straight hair". The procedure and tips given in this post are really interesting. Keep it up !

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