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All Gadgets comes with a personalized inside look of the particular brand it belongs. It  is loaded with their logos in few build-in themes and we also get an option to download more themes from the app stores. These clearly state that people tend to prefer different themes or looks that varies with their mood and with the season. Having  realized these, few companies have come with  personalized case for gadgets .And as a result, the once lame look of outer cases of these gadgets provides a platform to bring in the creativity as that of the owner itself .

My review is about one such company named "Idealcases" where I had personalized my Samsung galaxy s3 case .My first impression on the website was - cool.The webpage was straight forward and any newbie can find it easy as abc to follow the steps in creating his own custom cases for his device .

They provide as easy as four steps to create your own unique case for your device
  • Choose your device :  iPhone ,iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, Kindle
  • Create your own design from three styles 
             - Photo upload into a grid layout and add text for a special message 
             - Freestyle start from a blank canvas with their freestyle design editor
             - DIY FAN ART: inspired byk canvas your favourite sports team, musician, artist & brand.
  • Save and Continue to with your payment
  • You will get your printed design delivered as less than three to four working days
  • Voila! Time to enjoy the party with your new case
I browsed through the device and selected galaxy s3 cases which brought me a new page where in I was asked to select the type of cases I preferred rubber clip on case in black as rubber offers good drop protection.Choosing it takes you to the next step - confirmation and then to selection of your design style .

disney princess tablet casesamsung s3 galaxy case personalised tablet casestwilight tablet cases

From above the three methods of creating personal style, I preferred Freestyle method which gave me enough options to play with the cases esp.with that of the text. The beauty of this Freestyle is that it displays all our selection as layers which we can modify, move and even delete.

personalised tablet cases

Finally after creating and ordering the phone case , it was shipped fast within a week to my address .And here I captured it with a cuddly bear hug .
personalised tablet cases
We loved our phone case and the design I went was simple with little decorations, a personal photo and few quotes .The case fit perfectly on to my s3 galaxy.The holes for camera , speakers as well as charger were perfect .We thought holes for the volumes up and down buttons as well as power switch could also be a opened hole instead of the bulging rubber as it would provide more control .

The base of the creation itself has a fine shiny finish that would help cleaning easy .Overall Idealcases website provides a platform for creative cases and I had fun creating one for me.


  1. I've read this post and find it interesting. Customize your case cover is a sure a thing which attracts attention of people towards your gadget. I think this is helpful to the one who wants to add some fashion in their personality by doing something unique.

    1. Nowadays, every gadget comes with an option for customization and I think it is the one that adds beauty to the overall appearance of the gadget.

  2. I like the printing quality and the material used for the case. I am looking for the same cover with my photo at the back of the cover. Can you please let me know from where i can get personalized iphone covers and cases and best cover for my Iphone.

    1. The one I used to create my smartphone cover is through "Idealcases" .You can see its link above in my post and I must say the result was satisfying with this company , so go for it.


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