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The below are few famous words that we tend to hear everday especially on social media sites and get attracted to them . 
 " Coupons , Sales,Voucher , Contest "

The main reason is because they are helping us save some money and gives us a sense of satisfaction of having found or doing something great that day if we succeed.

Shops esp. Online stores happens to know this trick and woo's their customers by boosting their sales with these words . Are we really saving something? The answer is Yes. Mainly because of the online competitions of these shopping websites .

Sites like Ebay and Amazon has scored well among Internationals.But in India, we got which is not effective as in US or in Europe countries because of delivery problems .  Sites like  Flipkart gained their trust especially through fast deliveries and with it came Snapdeal , Tradus, ShoppersStop and more competing with their products, sales, discounts and faster delivery within their respective limits and places, with some offering their service all over India.

If this is happening at one end, more clever companies like Coupondunia took its shape accumulating these sales, voucher and discounts at a single place on their website on a timely basis and delivering the same to its readers. For those baby care products ranging from diapers, cloths to toys, we have Babyoye Coupons , Disney Store, Baby Buzzle , Kids Oye, Letsplaybaby AND more.

Have you got some Coupons ?
1. You can definitely save some money 
2. Some coupons if not used can be shared among friends
3. You can even club coupons on a single website (read their instruction carefully)

Asia's largest online baby store Firstcry offers mega sales every now and then ranging from every products a baby needs.And to utilise your best, either subscribe to the website or to Coupondunia to keep Firstcry coupons pouring into your inbox. Kids accessories, Wall paper and stickers, Pillow and bed sets, Birthday sets, Gift sets , Diaperings , Feeding or Nursing , you get offers for everything and including COD (cash on delivery) facility.

How cleverly a coupon can be used ?
There are even some websites which gives us offers on cash like Rs.1000 on first signup.But be careful, they are valid only for a smaller period of time. Sign up only if you are going to buy something from that website .The offers comes in handy only then.

Other major retailers in the fashion industry too offers deals for their fashion items , jewellery and branded items. One such website is Pepperfry. Coupondunia collects the Pepperfry Coupons and stores it in their websites .

How far is promoting is important ? 
In a way, websites like Coupondunia promotes even unknown online shopping websites providing latest coupons as well as they promote themselves as a safer alternative to search each and every coupons available from the Internet pool.

And maintaining such a coupon website is not a easy task.It involves a team of people who works to hunt coupons on daily basis and updating them in time.Being an excessive Internet user myself, I learned information collecting is only effective when is it marketed to the right audience. And that's where Social marketing enters. Their FB , twitter advertisement and other marketing strategies works to spread their information over the Internet making it to available to a large audience .

Social Media technology is growing at a faster rate in India and so as companies to serve , deliver the message and promote the same.And very soon , it has been said that Social Media Marketing will be on of the highest paid job in the world.With Online Companies (shopping) coming forward twith deals and coupons, customers are left to themselves to be aware when one deal is launched or when another deal expires and in between use it to one's advantage.


  1. Hmm! I never knew it. Thanks for the helpful tips

  2. Great article thanks for sharing is also one of the fastest growing website in India.


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