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Accessories like Bracelets and Watches add charm to your hands .Following them, is the rise in wristband lovers to flaunt a stylish look made out of leather .If there is one company who comes out with a wristband to preserve the planet using off-cuts of leather which are just discarded otherwise and half the solvents of regular inks for printing purposes, then you must visit at least once the site called as Wayveband. I found their website simple in design and with easy to follow instructions. The website offers four different ways to create and personalize your own bands with slightly different price but still at at a reasonable rate. Also, the more you order, the more discounts you get.

Coming on to design or personalize your own texts or images is quite easy using the website. I created one myself using the Wayveband Text Designer using the pre-installed fonts, colours and custom text .With just three clicks, my whole order was processed and within few days, I received what I ordered. In between, the customer service was great updating me with orders and delivery details .One thing I was worried about is how it might look when it reaches me. And it reached me faster than I expected.

Personalized Wristband (image copyrighted)
The packaging was perfect and the leather quality was good. But, what I expected of the color and font to what was delivered to me was different .The font I chose was ITC Edscr but what came to me was ITC Krist and so was the color Lilac instead of Babypink. I was a little disappointed with this but with the overall quality of the band I was content.

I have to consider and state the fact that the print was of high quality and is large enough to see . I also liked the fact that the silver stud that helps in tying the band was strong and fit the holes without hassle. Moreover, the silver stud compliments the color code of the band.

This image have the duty to gossip more.... 
I loved flauting with my wristband especially for the inscription on it. As cool as it sounds, it was even waterproof and stayed the same even after my washing and cooking.

Other ways to personalize the band is by uploading images using Wayveband Image Designer and create a picturesque wristband or you can even choose a plain look by using a Plain Fashion Wayveband or even more you can make use of trendy designs from Wayveband Boutique which are added every month.

I liked their idea of tying single wristband or stacked wristbands on hand. I had even later hit upon the idea of putting my blog details on the Wayvebands just like a business card or say a business band .And to add to it , the list are endless from Wedding invitation or favors , Party prizes, VIP access bands, Gifts , Love tokens , Friendship bands and more.This YouTube video would help in viewing some ideas.

Here is a good news to my readers . As you know February 14 , Valentines day is nearing and what more to gift your loved one a wristband with either your name or theirs inscribed on it. Or an image would be a great choice.Wayveband is now offering discounts to my readers who wish to own a band of their own.

Wavyeband is now offering 20% discount voucher code  PERP20 valid till March 30th 

With already set low price , this discount would offer more affordability in buying one . However, do note that this offer is valid only until March 30 , 2013 and hope you get the most out of it especially with the nearing Valentines day.

Update :
Wayveband after knowing that they had sent me a different band offered me a replacement with the one that I have ordered before and said they indeed do replacement in case if their had been a mistake which rarely occurs .They have sent me my new band and I have to agree that this one looks cool too

wristband discount


Disclosure : I received the above complimentary product for the purpose of a written review.  All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Whether agreed or not , I only recommend products I personally use and feel that would be good for my readers. I follow FTC rules and regulations. 


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