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I like paper crafts and once tried to make a Card using paper. I involved my daughter in helping me fix the paper with glues and and other decorations. As a result, we enjoyed doing the card together as a part of learning together.

The  idea was born after reading a magazine Paper Craft Inspiration.And sure the images below would help flow your creative juices .

The above images needs you to have certain stuffs like already available printed paper, buttons and designs. But, at home we had only A4 sets of color paper .And so we thought to create our own paper card but inspired with the above images


Materials needed :
Blue A4 (or any) size Card - 1
Red A4 (or any) size Card -1
A disney princess face - cut from magazine
Little flower decorations


  1. Fold the Blue A4 size Card into two.This will be the card where we decorate on the outside and write our message on the inside
  2. Cut Red Card to a the size you want and make fan shape for the gown.Also cut for the top of the gown as shown in the image
  3. Place the princess face just below the red top so that it wouls look like a dress on the princess.
  4. Glue the above (step 2 and 3 ) to blue card (step 1)
  5. Decorate , write your message and gift it to the one you love

PS: After our decorations, my daughter wrote a message and gifted to her friend

And finally here it is ! I really love how the final output came  :)


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