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Facebook has introduced a new feature called "Facebook offer " which can be used to promote your page or brand , introduce offers to attract customers to your website thereby growing your social presence and business.

Facebook has three kinds of offers that can be used from your Face Book Page

In Store Only: By which you can offer print coupons to your customers/followers who can redeem the same at your shop or either by showing the same on their smartphone

In Store & Online:  As the name goes, people can redeem the offer either at your business’s physical location or website .
Online Only: This offer is redeemable only through Online by visiting your website . Image same as the above two expect that Barcode option is not available which means you can't scan code to be used in store.

After , creating Facebook offers , you can preview them using the preview button which appears after  using any kind of offers from above. After satisfied with the preview, you can set the budget and choose the amount you want to spend promoting your offer. Finally,  click share

Things you should note while creating Facebook offers
  • Type a strong headline for your offer which will make the Face Book users click
  • On "Upload a photo"  for your offer , choose a image that fits the thumbnail size.
  • If any users use your promotion to claim your offers, they will automatically receive an email with details for how to redeem the promotion at your business. 
  • And, in any case if you want your offer from running before anyone actually claims it , you can delete the offer by clicking delete from your Facebook Page
How different is Face Book Offer is from Sponsored post in increasing your readership

Sponsored post is helpful in targeting Facebook likes and thereby promoting your social presence whereas Facebook offer increases you chances of likes by promoting your products through the Facebook page.

Also, it has been found that Sponsored post does not promise to offer as much likes you prefer for the amount you pay for the ads to appear.

This page will educate you the different available options in Face Book 


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