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Is your child a fuzzy or picky eater ? Well, mine is. Not one but two .Both being aged above three and above , making me stare every now and then to eat . Many times , I take the role of a story teller or  comedian , plead or even scold to make them eat.And to have it done , every day became a stressful job for me.
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The reason for all this was , I have been cutting on fast foods and concentrating on healthy foods with lots of vegetables .And this where all it began.

To make things work out, I have been advised to make theme foods to attract them to eat . A colourful bowl of vegetables,  different shapes of vegetables and fruits . And believe me it works only when I sit with them and feed them.The minute they taste it , they suddenly turn into a slow eater and the clock begans to move at a very slow rate for them. Having tried and tested all that I can, very soon I realised that the mistake lies on me and not on them.

I have been so consious to my children's shecuded eating that I forgot the fact that they are'nt feeling angry for some reason.A friend of mine ,whose three children are about a year gap or so spends most of a time cleaning her house or managing a kids.And being alone, she has very little time to cook.A full meal happens only after her husband returns home.One important fact that I noted was, not even a single kid of hers was a picky eater. And more importantly, none of her kids was spoon feeder or hand feeders.Even the toddler was a good eater. To all this, my friend follows no strict rules , just that she never stresses any food on them.

She told me once " My kids know when they are hungry and I feed them only then.It makes them very consious of the importance of food and moreover a good eater "

Being a overprotective mom as most moms do , we always tend to push our kids to eat foods at the right time and the right amounts . And overloading them seems no good than causing harm through crying, hating food as well as vomiting. 

I have learned to find the root cause of the problem that is by giving them over attention in eating. I started the habit of being patient and not to load my kids just by distracting them with stories, TV or even scolding them to eat .Also, I followed a rule to leave them alone to eat instead of interfering them telling them to eat this vegetable first or asking them to eat fast.For the first few few days it was hard but soon they got accoustmed to eating alone without depending on me.The results is that things are working much better now.
How about these additions in your kitchen ?
I found this  plate with just a plain face available at stores makes a creative ground for moms to work into making their kids eat.
This plate works for your girl child
Image Credit :
This plate works for your boy child
Image Credit :
Being a parent , I would love to share this to all parents who wants help on this .So,  to make any fuzzy or picky  child eat, first find the root cause of the problem
  • Is something wrong with the food?
  • Is your child feeling unwell?
  • Is your child sad or upset about something?
  • Is your child bored with foods and want something different
  • Are you making them picky eater?
Having analysed all the above five questions and working towards them, you can make your picky eater and better to good eater .Believe me, very soon these will make the kids realise that eating is a part of their responsibity to fill in their hunger making  the whole job simple.


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