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Holidays, weddings , events and parties are some of the memorable times which we always treasure. And through photo impressions , we pause the time at that moment and recall those nostalgic feelings  by just looking into the photos. Photos are like a forward button to our past through memories. And like everyone, I too treasure them and preserve them in form of photo albums, digital forms and by framing some special ones.

Photo frames adds elegance and beauty to the photos helping to keep the photo in place and also holds them steady when hung on walls or by using stands. Few more rich options include digital photo frames and magnetic photo frames.

I-pic gave me a chance to design my own photo frames online using any two options,

I created mine using the already available designs from the i-pic library and ordered it with a few clicks. The Magnetic Photo Frame arrived neatly packed along with a support stand on its side. The frame finish was metallic and so will make it easy to clean as the days pass. The graphic on the frame suited my chosen pic and thats how I needed it.

I-pic photo frames also includes a magnetic touch which acts as Magnetic photo frames to be used on the fridge or any metallic surfaces along with the traditional look of photo with support stand. I had my personalised image and text on the front as well on the back . I chose not to disclose my special photo and so placed ipic card over the image to click the picture. But you can still see the text both on the front as well on the back of the magnetic photo frame.The backside of the photo frame also had the design of my chosen theme and looked beautiful.

Here is a image of using the i-pic as Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames

I-pic key points to be noted are
  • Magnetic photo frames 
  • Includes support stand
  • Safety - Durable polymers encapsulating the photo offers better safety
  • Customisable Photo frame either using i-pic library or creating one using your imagination.
  • Personalised texts in front and back
  • Metallic finish to the photo frame
  • Standard frame sizes - A5
With i-pic, we can create a fully customisable photo frame at a price as low as 14.99 GBP. You can also gift someone some special memories for birthday or wedding anniversaries. Moreover, seeing our special picture encapsulated with our special look gives a satisfied feeling.

Disclosure : I received the above complimentary product for the purpose of a written review.  All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Whether agreed or not , I only recommend products I personally use and feel that would be good for my readers. I follow FTC rules and regulations. 


  1. Lovely photos and detailed review and really love your choice of frame. I'll definitely be ordering again I loved these frames and photos.
    Thanks too for visiting my iPik review and your lovely comments.
    Look forward to more reviews.
    Cazi xxx

  2. @gadget girls
    wow! Thanks for responding back with such lovely comment :)

  3. This post gives me some ideas. Keep up your designing prowess!
    Ed of


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