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TRESemmé is well pronounced as 'Très aiméin French which means 'much loved''. With Très, all in caps it also sounded like 'Very much like Emmé '. Whatever it means, I was just in love with this Brand. 

TRESemmé has its own style in launching new products too. The latest one to be launched in India is the TRESemmé Ramp Ready for which they are campaigning through the TRESemmé India Youtube channel. Diana Penty, our Indian model welcomes us into an interactive salon and takes us to the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York. She also provides us with an exclusive virtual access card with our name and photo printed on it. We enter into the backstage along with her as she explains briefly about the hairstyles and the show. Next, we are invited to select few hairstyles to create our own ramp show . Then, we are welcomed by Dodo (Dharmesh Hingorani), a celebrated TRESemmé hairstylist who shows us how to wash our hairs with TRESemmé smooth and shine shampoo and conditioner (for my choice of straight hairs) to be salon ready. He also teaches us on how to do our chosen hairstyles with the help of the models. Finally, we are presented with our Style album.

TRESemmé has neatly designed the campaign, the background music was good and the interaction was awesome. We can also select our viewing experience with the jumps provided in the video link. Overall, it made the whole viewing experience enjoyable. 

After having an amazing experience with TRESemmé, it is time to try the hairstyles learnt from Dodo  to be TRESemmé Ramp ready. I found the following  hairstyles easy to do at home and it suited my straight hair perfectly 
  • Balloon Ponytail 
balloon ponytail
    • Butterfly Ponytail 
    butterfly ponytail
    • Twisted Hair band 
    twisted hairstyle
    I loved all the above three styles and tried them on my hair at home. I bookmarked the other hairstyles for future use. The third one was tried with my daughter as she was getting very anxious to know what I was doing and wanted to try one. I protected her identity by hiding her face in the above (3rd)  image. Now, I think it is time to work around my own style. 

    Straight Hair to Curly Hair Naturally
    I had straight hair ever since I had born. I secretly yearned to flaunt with curly hairstyle too. I learnt to do this trick from a YouTube video done by "Cute Girls Hairstyle" and I think it is the right time to try it on my hairs without using any heat, hair rollers or hair crimper. After shampooing with TRESemmé, I let my hair to partly dry out. My hair was a little damp and was quite ready for the cocoon curls.

    I started with the front section, made a small ponytail with a hair band / rubber band and secured it in place so that I can work around the lower part of the hairs. Then, I sectioned the hairs on the lower side into four parts, twisting them tightly like a rope one by one and curling them into a cocoon curls. Similarly , I made cocoon curls working from bottom to top part of my head. I sectioned my hair randomly in between but made sure that all the hairs are used up for the cocoon curls. And in the front side, I sectioned the hairs into two parts and did the same technique. I was working on them slowly and soon found that the dampness dries off quickly. So I had to sprinkle some water now and then for maintaining the dampness which is important to hold my cocoon curls in place till I finish working on my head. Finally, the cocoon curls filled up my head and the beauty of these curls is that they stay in place naturally without any rubber band or clips ( see the picture Straight Hair to Curly Hairs Naturally)

    The below image will briefly tell you on How to do Cocoon curls step by step 
    cocoon curls
    Leave the whole thing to dry for about six to seven hours (about half a day) or overnight. Finally, untie the knots and let the hair free. Voila , I got curly hairs now.
    straight to curly hair
    Straight Hair to Curly Hairs Naturally
    TRESemmé Style Athena Braids
    After converting my straight hair to curly hair, I tired the Athena braid taught by Dodo on my hairs and this is how it looked on me . Now, I am ramp ready to flaunt my hairstyle and showed it to my hubby and kids who stood smiling at me .

    tresemme hairstyles

    My hubby and kids has been watching all weekend what I was upto trying different hairstyles and roaming with a camera all day. Now, it is time to know the secret. Yes ! This post was written in response to TRESemmé India Ramp ready Hairstyle .


    1. all the very best !! loved the hairstyle captures as much as reading the post !!!!!

      1. The pleasure is mine to see such good people and nice comments on my post :

    2. Replies
      1. Thanks Sahi! I am glad you liked it

    3. Lovely Hairdos Uma. Nice trying and posting the pictures too. :)

      1. Hema , I had fun trying them :)thank you !

    4. A super duper hairstyle and you are indeed looking lovely!
      could I hire you as a hairstylist????

      1. haha! Thank you
        I wish I can if you allow me though ;)

    5. Nice work. Good luck for the contest. :)


      1. Hopefully ! Lets see and thank you :)


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