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“ Read this dairy. It is my confidante who shares my past. You will find answers for your questions inside it ”, Rahul said clearly. As he was saying, Santosh looked at Rahul’s face.

Rahul’s eyes seemed so deep and Santosh believed that his friend had lot to say through this Dairy.  -continuation from The Diary of Son (3)- Maya 

from The Twilight Series 

Santosh began to read , turning back the pages of Rahul’s life.

Though I had a promised future with money and status sourced from a rich dad, I somehow felt unattached to all those things. I had known only one person in my life who has been with me all through my life from the time I was born. My dear Mother Sara, a beautiful, soft women and my best friend. I have seen her silent tears more often than her true smile. The reason was my father. He always controlled my mother thinking that having full control on his wife made him as a complete husband. 

He never gave her choice in her life including my birth. I have heard the reiteration of my story that I was born out of her unwillingness although she loved me so much. She was married young at the age of 15 to my father who was ten years older than her. She wished for education at that age for she had good academics in her school but like the mindset of many men, my father doesn’t want any brains in his wife. All he wanted from her was to give birth to his generation and to make sure that his wishes were fulfilled. My mom was like a worm, defenseless and struggled with her desires suppressed.  She was even great singer too.  Her cries were heard only through her songs that she sung for me.

I grew up seeing my mother moving lower in self-esteem and my father growing higher in self-esteem . His business bloomed. He earned lot of money and fame but lost his wife with unfulfilled dreams. That day, I promised my mother that I will not foster another Sara in my life through my future wife. 

Nanditha came into my life promising to share both joy and sorrow together. She too was quite young  like my mother. She was twenty, seven years younger to me and had good academics. I don’t want her to be like my mother. And I wished her to have what my mother did not have. I provided her Freedom. I provided her choice to continue her education after our marriage. I gave her time to speak out her mind and share her opinions.  I know she was not perfect as my mother but I still believe that she will learn to become one soon. I know she will. 

And when done, this dairy would have a happy ending "

Santosh was holding on to the dairy with tears accumulating in his eyes. He never knew that Rahul had so much pain hidden inside him. He hugged his friend tight and kept the book above the table.

As he bid good night to Rahul, he looked straight in his eyes and said,
Rahul, I have learnt something today. I have been banged on my head with your true affection and care for your wife.  I was partly like your father and now you gave me a chance to make things right. I am going straight home and say sorry to my wife ”. The depth of Santosh voice promised what he meant.

There was yet one more person who had been affected and hurt after hearing the story from the dairy. It was Rahul’s father. He never had known how much pain he had bestowed on his family. All along in his life, he had thought that he had been a perfect husband and perfect father until today. He felt ashamed for himself and felt sorry for his wife.”Oh Sara, how selfish I had been in my life and why didn't you tell me what was on your mind. It was entirely my fault. I neither gave you the opportunity nor encouraged one to speak up for yourself ”. As he told these words, he would feel tears were flowing from his eyes. 

He did not notice that his tears soaked up the frame within which he looked at his son’s family above the table shelves. The photo frame felt too heavy for him. Almost everyday, he told to himself about how coward his son was but today he was a proud father. 

Now, he got an important work to do as a father. He waited for his daughter-in-law to change the dried flowers on his photo frame which she usually does everyday. When Nanditha came and changed dried flowers for the fresher ones, Rahul’s father made sure that a flower fell over the dairy of his son  kept on the table shelves.

Nanditha bend down to take the flower and she noticed it. Her husband name on the dairy caught her eyes. She slowly picked it up and turned the pages. She began to read it carefully. Tears were flowing from her eyes as she finished the dairy. She kissed the dairy and whispered ,” Rahul, I am sorry for being so immature about your silence. I know now I am really gifted to have you as my husband. My Husband! ” she said proudly.

Rahul’s father who has been watching her daugther-in-law all this time gave a satisfied smile. He knew this change in Nanditha would do more good to his son Rahul and to their life. Suddenly, he heard a soft delicate voice.

Thank You! Thank you so much.You made his wish come true ”-  a delicate voice was heard.

Rahul’s father soon recognised the voice beside him. Dressed in Red Sari with soft looks, his wife Sara has finally spoken her heart to him.

Rahul's dad stood proud now holding tight his wife's hand and the smiles spread the frame making the photo look brighter .


Full Story Copyrighted @Uma Maheswari Anandane

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