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Summer has arrived and a braided hair is the best form of hairstyle to beat the hot weather. Almost everyone should have tried the three layered braided look which is very common among young girls and women. There are many variations of braided look like French braid, Dutch braid and Fish tail braid. Fish Tail braid resembles french braid and comparatively I found fish tail braid easier. And I am going to go in detail of how to do a Easy Fish Tail Braid in simple steps including a short video.


Step 1: First, gather the hairs into a ponytail and secure it with a elastic band.

Step 2: Then, divide the hair into two halves and get ready for step 3.

Step 3: Take a small piece of hair from the left half of the hair and bring it downwards  towards the right half of hair. After doing it, the hairs should look like two halves again.

Step 4: Now, take another small piece of hair from the right side of the hair and bring it downwards  towards the left side of the hair. Again, the hairs should look like two halves .

Step 5: Repeat the steps 3 and 4 until you reach the end and tie the rest of the hair with another elastic band so that everything is in place.

Step 6 : Slightly pull the sides of the hairs so that it look voluminous and yes, now you are done.

Your Fish Tail Braid is done. This hair style will be a best choice of hairstyle for parties or events. 
The below video will help you to get a clear picture of how to do a fish tail braid.


This hairstyle is another form of Balloon hairstyle which we already saw in the post "In style with TRESemmé Ramp ready Hairstyles" . This one is very similar to Balloon hairstyle and one difference is that we are going to bring the balloon look on the side . It also looks like a loop and hence the name side looped ponytail .

The above hairstyle is done in response for TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair Style.


  1. lovely hair styles......good luck for the contest!

  2. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    Hei.. nice post !! Wish you all the very best for the contest :)

  3. wow :-) nice post and nice hairstyle too :-)

  4. I Love Fishtail Braids .. (o) Thumps up for the post. All d best.

  5. hey nice hair styles, especially the fish tail one...

  6. The hairstyle looks really good..i want to try it..but i have layered hair..not sure how itll look on me :)


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