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Getting Digital is the trademark of today's business. But few things that stands apart from being laid in soft copies are the smell of old books and the nostalgic feeling of looking into a photo album.  I love digital albums but sometimes fear of losing the precious memories by a sudden crash or scratch as days goes by. Although I am careful enough to backup them into external drives and online servers, what I love best is preserving them in form of Photo Album. Photo Books are now available in trendy looks to suit our taste , lasts longer and are convenient to secure the memories wherever we are.

Creating a photo book with Vistaprint is so easy with availability of options at a reasonable price. And being offered a trial book gave me freedom to explore more intricate features of Vistaprint and finally to play with my own photo book creation.

Key features of Vistaprint that I love,

1. Different sizes of photo books to choose according to our preference
2. Option to create our photo book either online or offline
  • Create photo book online : This option saves us time with simple editing and layout option. We can either go in for automatic filling to create our photo album in seconds or use manual filling to distribute the photos across the page layout ourself
  • Create photo book offline: To create our photo book offline, we have to download the Vistaprint Photo Editor which gives us full control of our photo book including Photoshop plug-ins, Photo Effects and Image Mask. Again we got an option of either to go in for automatic filling or manual filling.
3. To order the photo book in one click with an option to pay either through Visa/Master/Credit cards or Paypal.
4. No compromise in quality and a super fast delivery .

Vistaprint Photo Book Editor :
I downloaded the software for free and used it as I would do for any photo editor. Using the images on the left hand side, we can attach any photo the way we want to the page layout below. Vistaprint photo editor gives us more option to edit or transform the photos the way we want using the photo effects and the plugins above. I tired the Image Mask for the left hand side image and as you can see , it gave a professional look to the image.

You can download more interesting image masks from Internet and apply the one you want on your photo. Photoshop plugins are a plus in Vistaprint photobook editor and it offers more effects for editing photos like artistic, patterns, gradients, etc . Several free plugins are available online and can be downloaded for advanced effects .

Photo Effects
Photo Plugins

You can see the image below wherein I have used Text Editor for editing my texts for fonts, colours and sizes. Also, by applying a background theme, we can fill in any white or empty spaces to make the photo book look like a pro.

free photo editor
Text Editing

Payment ( Order Now) :
After having done the photo layouts, it is time to Order the Photo book for delivery. By using the "Order Now" button, we are directed to the next step of binding quality and quantity needed. Then, follows step 2 wherein we are offered certain recommendation for a T-shirt, Mug, Mouse pad and other matching products which we can add to our shopping cart if needed.

checkout paypal

The final step is Checkout. Here, we are asked to fill in the shipping details (our address) , type of delivery (express or standard) , Payment methods which can be done either through Credit/Visa cards or through Paypal and Order confirmation. Within minutes, we get an order confirmation mail in our inbox.

Review of Product Received :
I know I would be getting my photo book from Vistaprint within 14 days as committed in the delivery status but I never knew they would be so fast that they delivered my photo book in just two days. I was waiting to see the photos I had created and the simple neat packaging made it all effortless .
vista print
vistaprint uk

The binding was thick and the album cover was the way I wanted it to be with Disney Princess.The Quality of the pictures inside are too good  and the pictures were also big inside. As I had ordered for a glossy finish, my photo book came with images on a  glossy paper. Themes were light on the paper making the photos look brighter as well as trendier.

Overall  I was proud to own my photo book and if had to create and order another photo book in future , my first choice would be Vistaprint. Another advantage of using Vistaprint uk is that is offers promotional codes now and then apart from their free products.

Disclosure : I received the above complimentary product for the purpose of a written review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Whether agreed or not , I only recommend products I personally use and feel that would be good for my readers. I follow FTC rules and regulations.


  1. the memories into a book is a nice idea.
    To print a photo book , we have to give the copies to studio, then they will arrange it , then we have to check the proof , then we to wait for long time ,.......this really helps to do it so simply and beautifully.
    thanks Uma

    1. True and thanks
      But this one is done by me online through this editor.You must try it photographer Jidhu!

  2. Re the plugins, if you have a lot which I do, you can pop your own into the folder mentioned under Plugins in the edit section of the program (when you double-click on a photo to post-process it).


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