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Thanks to Narcissist, a fellow blogger to happen to review my blog. He offered many of his viewpoint with one as  
Content -I do not have much advice for you as far as content is concerned. The only thing I would be concerned about your content is that it is not about a specific area. For example someone who is into parenting would have subscribed to your blog and they might not really be interested in blogging tips. You might want to get a private domain and move these categories into separate sub domains.
And, the above suggestion helped me to create my own specific label feeds or category feeds for my blog as you can see on the right hand sidebar under Copyrights tag. Fortunately, I did not find any posts under this topic in Google search and it paved a way for me to create a post on this topic which might be useful for others who needs it . 

How to create label feed in blogger using Feed Burner?
How to get site feeds for a specific label using Feed burner
Do you want your readers to subscribe only to a specific category in your blog ? 

The solution for all the above three questions is as follows. In just three steps, you will learn how to create a category feed for your blog and also how to create an Email subscription for some specific labels in your blog. 

1. Using Blogger, creating specific feed (category feed) for Blogger label is by using the code given below (credits- blogger support)

2. So, coming to Feed burner,  I have already burned the feed for my blog with the default RSS feed from blogger. But, I need to create a RSS feed for a specific category. Now, for getting a specific label feed all I did was creating a separate feed for each label.

Example :

The above image is the default feed I got using the specific URL category. After checking that my URL works, I am going to use this URL to create a feed using Feed burner. Using my feed burner account, I successfully created a new feed using the above URL for specific category feed called " Parenting " in my blog.

As seen above, my new feed is I have given a name pmparenting as for my blog title perpetual mind and label parenting.

3. Now I need to direct my readers to the specific URL feed or say category feed that I created using Feed burner. I can do this in two different ways:

  • By creating an hyperlink and directing my readers to the exact feed location and
  • By using Email subscription method. 

For creating an Email Subscription for the specific label feed (category feed), I got to Activate my Email Subscription in my Feed burner for that specific feed.

The below image clearly shows how to do it .

Success! finally we have activated and created an Email Subscription for a specific Label feed (category feed) in our Blog. Now, copy the code as seen from the image and insert it in your blog where you want your readers to see it. As for me, I have done it on the top of my blog under the name " Subscribe by Email " with three category feeds.

All tutorials blogged here are from personal experiences with 100% success rate.


  1. Well Informative
    Liked your new template and arrangements

    1. Thanks! finally someone said something about my template cheer

  2. Thanks so much for the post. I'd been looking for clear instructions on how to do this!

  3. Nice post, completely works. thanks :)


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