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Involving ourselves in the activities for Kids is a great way to explore the child in us parents too.  Occasionally, I take part in Mini Makers workshop with my kids in the MK gallery on Saturdays. One such workshop called "Build a Balloon with Emma Wilde"  is what I am going to share with you today through this post.

Like us, many families were present for the hot air balloon project with some busy making their own hot air balloons. It was such fun to see the excited kids even before they could fly their own decorated balloons. We were half an hour late but we still managed to secure a place for us in the workshop area. Emma, our tutor was kind enough to explain the process to us.

Things Needed:
Bamboo Skewers ( or toothpicks)
Foam Cup
Adhesive  Tape
Coloured Papers
Rice ( little)

kids fun activities

First, the flat balloons were filled with Helium gas that pumped from a Disposable Helium Balloon Gas Cylinder that was kept at the corner room. Then, the balloons were knotted tight with one end of a long thread. The other end of the thread was in my children's hand, each one with their own balloons. Then we held the balloons in place with the help of the adhesive tape.

activities for kids

My little creators were involved deeply making some paper cuttings from the coloured papers that was kept   on the table. They then stuck their bits and pieces on their balloons with help of the gum. The basket  for the balloon was made with a foam cup, cut three-fourth its length. They were decorated too and were ready for flying. (Heavy decorations on the basket did not work out well for making holes, so we went in for simple decorations)

Using a bamboo skewer (toothpick), holes are made on four sides and at  the bottom center as shown in the above picture. Insert the main long thread through the center hole of the foam cup and close the hole with an adhesive tape. Four threads of about 2.5 inches each is inserted through the four holes on the sides with one end glued to the foam cup and the other ends glued to the main thread that holds the balloon (of about 1 foot).- see image above

Now, let your balloon free and see it fly gracefully.

hot air balloon kids

To surprise your kids more, let's make tiny grains (imagine people) to travel in our hot air balloon. By doing this, we can balance the foam basket so that the balloon can fly to an approximate distance and not very high. 

Tell your kids to imagine the rice grains as little men travelling in an air balloon. Also the weight of the grains will keep your balloon from flying high and provide hours of entertainment for the kids as it did with my own kids.

activities for kids

Feel good feature: 
  • Fun activities for kids on holidays
  • Encourages making your own hot air balloon.
  • Hours of fun for kids 
  • Variations can be done - painting the balloons, writing with markers, pebbles instead of rice, etc.
activities for kids

Hope you like this simple yet fun activity for kids. Subscribe to my PARENTING  Email to get more updates from this Blog.


  1. This looks like a really good idea. And my cousin is called Emma Wilde too :O)
    Am sure Emma will love this - thanks for linking up with S2S2D

    1. Thank you for visiting Pinkoddy and did you say your cousin is called Emma Wilde :o ?,
      then ask her if did any workshop in MK Gallery recently and if yes, show her this post cheer

  2. What a great idea! My only question is how to do this at home when we don't have a source of hydrogen? Or do we go to the local florists?

    1. I did this project in a workshop, so had no problem.
      As for doing it in home, you can get Helium (corrected) filled balloons in any card shop / gift shop (or) get one Disposable Helium Balloon Gas Cylinder either from Amazon or Ebay.
      Partyrama website has some reasonable price too

  3. Wow! love this, can be a superb entertainment for kids keeping their curiosity high :)


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