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The hospital wall held little flowers here and there disclosing my eightieth birthday. Beside my bed a little girl stood with her innocent smile. Her father was a young man, tall and handsome for his age. He gave something to his only daughter who in turn gave it to me saying,

"Happy Birthday Thatta!”. My grand daughter smile reminded me of someone who I knew but my old memory doesn't have the capacity to revive any.

My son struggled to control his tears seeing me in the last phase of my life. But, I tried to put a smile on his face, thanked him for his gift and put it in my pocket. That was the last time I saw them. 
Hours later,
I was carried off in a stretcher back home - a place where I lived my 40 years of life along with my wife Sundra. People flocked in and out of my house, an unusual thing that haven’t happened in a decade. It reminded me of the day when Sundra left me all alone in my home. Just then, I realized something . I was looking at my own body. I freaked and called out for help but no one could notice me. I was like a mad man running around and scratching myself from my head to toe only to find something hard in my pocket. I pulled it out swiftly and found a smartphone gifted hours ago by my son. I was astonished but no one seems to notice anything. 

I flitted near an empty space and started accessing the phone. A bright light was shining on the mobile and it read “ WECHAT ”. I touched it and all of a sudden it pulled up a list of names. I was flabbergasted as I knew all those names in the WeChat contact lists which was skillfully extracted from my memory surrounding the peoples in my life. I scanned the lists, found my Sundra's name and accessed it with a click. It triggered a new group chat conversation.

It took few seconds to connect with her. 
"Welcome Dear. I have been awaiting here for you for a long time " she replied. Tears were rolling my eyes and I knew I was not alone anymore. I had missed her all along my life. She was a piece of me who fitted me perfectly and connecting back to her through this little miracle app offered me comfort. After few conversations, I chose to find more people to connect with my chat group to which I have only access now.

My Mother Lalitha name was shining bright near my eyes. I clicked instantly, added her to my group and asked her where she was. Within minutes came a reply,
“ My son, I am making our home ready in the astral plane for your arrival. Sundra is also there with me. Don't worry, Mommy is always there to help you." 
Tears were rolling again from my eyes. My mother has been a great support for me and every time she willingly serves me no matter how and where I am. "What will happen to me without your unconditional love Mother" I thought.

"Where is papa?" I called out to my Mom. “Waiting for you” came her reply.
PAPA! I scrolled down to his name Mr.Rajan (papa) in the WeChat app. Before I could click his name, there was a message from him. 

From no where, he entered the group.
"My son, finally you have come back to us. How in this off-earth plane I could be without you? We all will come to help you soon" he said with the rest of others smiling in emoticons as a reply.

His voice was full of enthusiasm. I remembered his days where he returned back from work just to hold me in his arms, tell stories and put me to sleep. I could never have a best dad than him. I send him a voice message back telling ," Dad, I am waiting but before leaving this plane, I still wanted to talk to two more persons."

My hands were trembling in fear now. I knew I had to call this person one last time. I have to ask her for forgiveness or else I will leave this world without peace. I don't know how she was now, alive or dead. I searched hard but sadly, it was not even available in my contacts. I then finally concluded that her name was not there since I have erased her from my memories long ago in respect for my Sundra. I got tensed, tired, shook my phone in distress and thought hard. 

CLING! I heard a noise. In my phone, I found few names from the look around feature of the app. Shaking my mobile has connected with bits and pieces of my past. Even with my forgotten memories.

Photo by scheissegal
Daisy was her name, my ex-love. She was my first crush but fate was not favorable for us. Her parents had her married in a hurry even before I could convince them. I failed to return at the right time as promised. I cursed her at her face for not waiting for me. She cried that she waited long enough. But still, I punished her with my words. Marriage was a big thing in life and sometimes things don’t go as planned. I understood that only when I got my own son married.

"Daisy! I am sorry for whatever trouble I caused you. I know you were too young then and I failed to fulfill my promise. I lost you and I know it caused the same pain for you as it was for me. Sorry for everything and I hope we will be free of all regrets " – I recorded my voice in the app and clicked send. 

Minutes passed but there was no reply. I believed that she had no intention to talk to me. And so I finally decided to call my son Jai's number as his name entered the group. Jai was standing near my lifeless body crying like a baby. I must inform him that we are always beside him protecting him and his family as guardian angels. I dialled him within the group.

"Son, you were a special gift in my life. And you gave me another gift through which I am connecting with you now. Son, I am always there for you protecting you. And remember there is a time where you will meet all your pasts in your lifetime. So as for now, live in your present and stay happy. Your pasts can wait." I  messaged him and looked at his reaction.

For a minute his face was blank. He looked at his watch and the time on his mobile. His hands were trembling as he entered a message. I knew what he typed and so replied him again,

“You got to believe me, my son. Don't try to access your past until it comes in search for you. I will no longer message you since I want my son to move forward towards his future like a strong man. "

After reading my message, he sighed heavily, wiped his tears and clutched his both hands in prayers. He had trusted me.

Time has come for me to leave earth. My vimana was ready for take-off. 

Daisy! Daisy! Where are you? Please do forgive me! I cried in silence.

My grand daughter looked up, smiled and whispered," Good bye! I was here all the time”

I left the earth still holding on to my mobile phone where Daisy name was shining brightly in the group.

All five chosen names in  my WeChat group shone brightly one last time and disappeared into my past, now awaiting a New Future.

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  1. highly creative piece of writing.. uma
    keep it up,, all the best for the contest

  2. Damn good I say :) Impressed

    1. Getting this comment from you - super glad :)

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2013

    wow really awesome :)

  4. Hi Uma, Vanakkam!
    You have written it not just like a post but sketched the emotions very well. I felt it so true until I learnt at the end that it was a piece of fiction. Great write and thanks again for your kind visit to my blog.

    1. Your comment makes me feel good :)Thank you Fayaz!

  5. Wow .... this is beautiful, and shows the importance of family in our lives ... awesome :-)

    All the best :D

    1. True and we are all connected with them more than we think we are - that's the essence of this story - thank you!

  6. beautifully depicted the emotions of a person who wanted to meet persons whom he was unable to meet during his end.

    1. True - it worked out well in the end. Thank you!

  7. Hi

    I have reviewed your blog. You can find it here:

    Please comment in the following post so that I know you have read the review:

    Warm Regards,
    The Narcissist

    1. I have read the review and replied you too :)
      Thank you !

  8. really beautiful piece or writing and imagination...just loved it....all the best for your contest...

    1. Sure! Hope the contest people like the story too
      Thank you :)

  9. Beautifully written... Very creative... (h) .. I am glad I landed here. Cheer

  10. heyy .. nice post... love yore story

  11. Hi Uma. I am visiting your post for the first time. I must say that I loved your art of story writing. The narration is very impressive.
    I liked the get up of your site.

    1. Dear Mam,
      Thank you for your kind words and it is my pleasure to have you here


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