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Health is a very important issue and no matter how much dollars or pounds you earn, without good health there is no peace in life. The basic need of survival for any living thing is to be in good health. While I was young, I used to hear many stories of "kai vaitiyam" and "paati vaitiyam" which were undertaken by the elders in the family during emergency. But, today even though we have got the materials needed for doing such practises, there are neither experienced teachers nor unadulterated products in the market.

Along with advancement, came new diseases in life which even makes the experts confused. The emerging disease in 2013 that keeps humans at risk is the SARS-like virus. This respiratory virus is contagious and spreads from human to human contact , a news that can't be digested by a normal person like me as it can be epidemic at a very short span of time. Everything is like a learning process. The diseases (virus) learn ways to keep themselves from being defeated (technically called "developing resistance") and the humans (docs/experts) find ways to treat them with more advancement in their technology (one reason why antibiotic is not recommended every time you fall sick). Though this happens at one side, the other side we have got some good news. The diseases which has been hunting us for decades can now be within our control using cutting edge technology in Medicine. I found the following below advancements in today's Modern Health Care written as well as for the topic " How does Modern Health Care touch lives " by Apollo Hospital and Indiblogger.

Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery which has several advantages over conventional cardiac surgery
  • Minimal incisions 
  • Enhanced precision
  • Less pain and trauma to the patient
  • Faster recovery than a traditional surgery
The da Vinci system, the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available today can operate on the heart by making three or four small incisions each about 1 centimetre in length in the chest for inserting three or four stainless-steel rods ( for heart bypass surgery ). One rod has two endoscopic cameras and other two rods have surgical instruments for the operation at one end which is inside the patient body. The other end of all the rods are held by the robotic arms.

The 3D images of the surgical site as well as the surgical instruments are sent by the cameras inside the patient body to the control console a few feet from the operating table. Using the joystick-like controls located underneath the screen, the doctor manipulates the surgical instruments which works in sync with the movements of the surgeon's hands. By this, the doctor can complete the surgery, remove the rods from the patients body and close the incisions.

Toshiba’s Aplio 500 CV and Aplio 300 CV  system is a new addition to the cardiac portfolio designed to Improve Cardiac Diagnoses. It delivers premium image quality, advanced visualization capabilities, and work flow automation tools in a compact, easy-to-use system. Its imaging technology includes more depth and detail information of Tissue Enhancement, Advanced Dynamic Flow, Stress Echo, Auto-IMT Tissue Doppler and more clinical application. It is said that Physicians can conduct the best bedside cardiac exams and have access to the most comprehensive quantification measurements (strain, strain rates or ejection fraction) on-board the systems in Just 3 Clicks. Available in only few hospitals , it is a life saver with its minimal time and advanced technical results. 

Other applications of Robotic surgery includes Cardiology, Urology, Gynaecology, Nephrology and Neurology.

Although cosmetic surgery is widely used in entertainment industry for the purpose of changing ones appearance , Reconstructive plastic surgery is still a necessity for those who are born with facial deformities or those who run into accidents.

It includes most common cosmetic surgery like Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty), face and neck surgery, Liposuction (removal of fat deposits ), Mammaplasty (breast implants, reduction and lifts) , Phalloplasty (penile liposuction), to accepted surgery like Sex Reassignment Surgery.

The fast food and time consuming lifestyle has already had an effect on the ovulation of women paving way to delayed childbirth in couples. Some aren't even aware until two years of their marriage. 

The innovation of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) with procedures like In-Vitro Fertilization technique , Intra Uterine Insemination , Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Testicular Sperm Aspiration and other procedures are a boon to today's couple who have difficulty in getting children. Many have successfully borne children with these techniques and procedures.

These days if you visit your Gynaecology, you never miss to read this new term "Stem Cells Transplantation". During my days, I came to know that these are vital for your kids in the new age where diseases can be cured using these stem cells got from the blood taken from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby which has the potential to turn itself into anything the body lacks. Imagine getting a new liver cell or body cell right after removing the cancerous ones from your body.

But today, these stem cells can also be got from the bone marrow or from the blood which increase the chance of curing various cancers and blood disorders. Another remarkable discovery quite recently is that the stem cell technique used in therapeutic cloning helps in treating rare diseases and disorders caused by gene mutations.

If you are an excessive drinker, you may come to know the damage drinking might cause your liver. Liver can also be affected by certain diseases caused by overdoses or viral infections where liver transplant becomes unavoidable. Apollo Liver Care Hospital has successfully transplanted over 500 Liver with a success rate of 90% till date.

During this procedure, your diseased or damaged liver is removed from the body and is replaced with a healthy one. State-of-the-art technology for liver surgery includes the Laparoscopic Argon Beam Laser, Tissue Link™, CUSA™ and Laparoscopic Vascular Stapling for Liver Diseases and Transplantation in Apollo.

The advancement of technology means innumerable ways to make use of available medical awareness to our best use. No home is without a smart phone. And many people have access to iPhone  iPad and Tablets. Android apps paved way to facile download at few clicks in your place.

Apple has a new section in its AppStore for medicine which can be downloaded at Apple iTunes . For android users, medical apps for iPhone , smart phones etc can be downloaded at Medical apps for android.

With all these in this post, one last thing I wanted to convey is that "You are what you feed yourself". The famous saying "Protect Yourself before you fall sick" is like seeing yourself completely through a magnifier. Our body gives us clue months before through our skin, eyes, mouth as well as excretions (urine and stools) of what is happening inside our body. The healthier you feed yourself, the healthier you are.


  1. I wish you could put down the huge expenses involved with most of the new technologies. I wonder how many of our poor countrymen can afford them.

  2. Hi JK,
    Yes! the cost of many cutting edge technology are not affordable for a comman man. But, the purpose of this post is only to highlight the technology that is available.
    And for the cost, its again depends upon the country,the hospitals,the procedures and more.
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Changing of our life styles is the primary reasons for our many ailments.Life span of humans get extended as we have a strong Health Care system in place.
    The post is very interesting read with lot of info.

  4. Anonymous18 May, 2013

    Indeed , Uma, I so very much agree with JK .. while healthcare has advanced considerably .. be it liver tranplant or plastic surgery... for a poor they do not exist !

    Undoubtedly as you pointed will get another life with the modern healthcare but sadly at a huge cost !!

  5. @Arumugam Easwar True! Lots have to be done with our eating habits and living pattern.But it seems we all flock together in the path of whatever had been set.Unless, a big change occurs to the welfare for humans( like giving importance to life than money), sadly nothing is gonna change

  6. Yes, that's the reason why I deliberately wrote the point "Health is the greatest wealth" and "You are what you feed yourself"
    Also mysay, not all costly operations are successful either - it is just the percentage of success is higher.
    And what is a better way to protect ourself by being aware or being health conscious

  7. A nice read and an interesting post..... Good information about cutting age technologies.... The cost associated will always be very high and impossible to avail for common people..... Still nice to hear about the advancement.....

    1. Yes!more and more technology advancement and something should be done to make it affordable too

  8. I totally agree with u Uma. Nice read :)

  9. Nice blog post :-) all the best for the contest :-)

  10. Very well written, Informative... All the best :)


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