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Many a times, we come across people enquiring us for a guest post, review writing opportunity and any subject related interaction on our blog. The most usual way that they do is to leave their message in the comment section of any of our posts, sometimes not relating to the actual post itself. To minimize such occurrences and also to make the exchange of information more professional, a contact form on our website or blog is essential.

Creating a contact form through Google is the most efficient and easiest way. We will be using Google Drive from the top tab of our Gmail account to create one.

How to Create Contact Form ?

1. Log on to your Google account and go to Google Drive page. Click the red button “create” and choose “Form” from the drop down list.

contact forms

2. Enter a title for your contact form and choose any theme that you think is suitable for your contact form from the box displayed.

contact forms

3. After the above step, you will be seeing your contact form template with a Question title, a Help Text and a Question Type.

how to create contact form
    • The “Question Title” indicates the name of the blank input field like Name, Email ID, Subject and Message for our basic contact form.
    • The “Help Text” can be filled to offer help info if needed for your readers.
    • The “Question Type” can be a Text, a Paragraph text, a Check Box or a Radio Buttons depending upon the question you prefer to ask your readers.
    • Enter as follows (for a basic contact form)
    • Question Title: Name, Help Text: (none), Question Type: Text (choose from the drop down menu), Check the box for Required Question and then, click done.
4. Click add item, and do the same above for Email ID, Subject  and Message (Question Type will be Paragraph Text)
5. Then, check the first two boxes in the Confirmation Page (for to “publish”)
6. Finally click “Send Form

You will be prompted to share your form with an Embed button on its side. You can either copy the code link to share or use the Embed button to copy the codes and then place the codes in your Html gadget or blog post where you want the form to appear.

contact forms

Now that your contact form is live, any readers or companies who leaves there response will be recorded in your Google Drive excel sheet. You can see the responses received through your contact form itself (as you see in the above image).

How to record the responses received?

In your Contact form, click the response destination wherein you can create a new spreadsheet for your responses or create a new sheet in the contact form spreadsheet itself.

contact forms

Also you can set your responses to be notified through Email. All you got to do is click File -> Email Collaborates and click the check box under Notify people through Email. If you have more admins for your blogs or websites, add their email address so that they will be notified whenever new response is recorded.

contact form

Your Google Contact Form is now fully functional !

PS: If you are using Pages as your Menu, then do the following 
  1. Add a new page selecting the Web Address 
  2. Put the title of the page as "Contact"
  3. Put the URL of the form ( created) in the  web address 
  4. Save and Publish it
or just use the "Embed code" in your Page's Blank Page :)
All tutorials blogged here are from personal experiences with 100% success rate. Enjoy!


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    just used it on my new blog!

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