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With a lot of options open, the young esp. the kids are quite prone to learn and love violence. Movies play a major role of introducing violence to the kids and how to use even a stone as an instrument for violence.

The video games on the other hand gives a hands on experience of living the life of a bad boy or a bad girl and even make them get addicted by the thrill achieved using these games. Either you die or I die is a dangerous mindset seeded into an young mind just for the sake of winning. And not to forget the blood shed in these violent games.

The Common Sense Media editor Jinny Gudmundsen has expressed her view about such video games as , "many ultra-violent video games are actually technically superb providing enriching experiences but with ultra-violent video games, the negatives clearly outweigh any positives for kids" via the Huffington post
Keeping that in mind as well as the need for the experiencing less violent alternatives games that are child friendly, The Common Sense Media came up with 10 Most Violent Video Games and its alternatives making a list for parents to consider for the kids .

Check the list of Games ranked by Common Sense Media via the Huffington post

Also, if still the need for having a Zero violence in games arises, again Common Sense Media has come up a list of Non violent Video games where your kids can have fun learning, dancing, solving puzzles, playing sports, and more.

For Zero violence kid's games, check the  list of Nonviolent Video Games.

List of games where the main focus isn't violence but contains mild or cartoon violence for kids aged 7 to adults - Click Here

As a parent, I feel the need to understand your kids tendency to play such games are alarming since many times children tend to role play the same games without even understanding the consequences.

I sometimes wonder why the need for such violent games even came into existence and now leading us to find ways either to control or hide them from the eyes of our young ones. Personally, I believe that these are pure business of making money using the trick of adrenaline rush - the crucial position of life and death you are put into. And now the burden falls upon the parents to safe guard their child from the mental pressure that these games inflicts on them especially in their virtual presence.   

So if you are a parent , what do you think about these video games? Will you allow your kids to play these games even as adults ?


  1. I agree. Such violent games only make the kids more furious; they even change the outlook of those impressionable minds. Thanks for sharing

  2. yep you are true to some extent but kids also learn from it :-)

    1. If playing for oneself, we often succumb to the pleasure of the such games.

      But if that is a kid and as a parent, I will restrain my kids to play such games even as they grow into an adult. It's like making fire when we know that the kid is around and asking not to touch it (you can replace fire with "ice-cream as well ).


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