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Summer means Hot weather and as the weather sweeps in , so is the fun for doing some craft activities with the kids.

"Why not we try some activity that is perfect for this summer? " I asked my kids.
"Mamma, I got an idea . Shall we make a paper fan? " my daughter sounded excited.
As usual my son agrees with her sister," Yes, yes, a paper fan Amma "

And this is how it happened.  

diy paper fans

Materials Needed
  • Craft papers - coloured
  • Wax Crayons - 1 set
  • Sellotape - 1
How to make a Paper fan (or) Hand fan for kids?

diy paper fans

I started with my own paper fan instructing my kids to follow me and they did it out of excitement. I chose the craft paper for our paper fan because it was a little bit thick than an ordinary paper which will make our paper fan firm, easy to hold and would produce the desired breeze.

Step 1: Draw a face with eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks on a A4 size craft paper and colour them big and bright.

Step 2: Fold the craft paper like a fan, pressing it forward and the reverse gradually.

Step 3: Twist one end of the paper and slightly stretch the other end making your drawing seen.

Step 4: Tape the bottom end so that it is perfect enough to hold and yes, now your paper fan with a lovely face is ready
paper fans

The above image is the work of my kids. The youngest has his own drawing which he named it as robot and the eldest with her tender drawing of a beautiful girl. And finally the paper fan was made. What excited them most is the face they drew on their paper fan and of course not to forget the breeze that came from their hand made paper fan.

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  1. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    very adorable fans !! awesome :)

  2. these are really cute :)

  3. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    Paper Fans for kid,they will love these and their involvement will make them for interested in such things..

    1. Yes!This one is the basic model for a paper craft for adults like us but for kids, they are really cool :)


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