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With few sheet of papers and some crayons, you can help your kids create beautiful work of arts. The below craft idea for kids and toddlers is very simple to make with very few things that we already have in our home. The below paper craft is done by using only ordinary plain white paper . Can you believe it?. I love these coloured mobile arts made by my kids and me hanging down on our living room. We absolutely loved the effect it created. It was a simple paper craft and it took us very less time to do it.

Craft ideas
Materials Needed 
Ordinary plain papers - 3
Pencil -1
Eraser -1
Crayons set - 1
Scissor - 1
Cello Tape or Gum -1

Craft ideas
  • Outline an idea for Cup cakes and Sea life in a sheet of paper. The top of the paper is the base for hanging little stuffs that we might gather for our project. So make it large enough by using any shape you like. I have used semi - circle for both the drawings.
  • I drew a large cake and a boat sailing on a sea on top of the paper wherein the bottom of the paper has different assortment of cakes and sea lives ( as seen in the image above)
  • Ask the kids to colour the drawing bright and let them choose the colours so that they will have some fun seeing how their works appear at the end. Never mind if your little one goes on colouring beyond the outline since you will be correcting them later. 
paper crafts
  • Using a scissor, cut along the external outline of your drawing and remove them from paper. Place them aside. 
  • Now we need some hangers for our small cupcakes and sea lives. So cut thin strips of paper in different shapes using the remaining ordinary paper. You can have the strips cut according the number of assortments . I have used 14 strips (each 7) for both the drawings.
  • Reverse the paper and by using either cello tape or gum, tape the strips of paper onto the our base as shown in the image above (the top part of the papers which includes the large cake and boat) 
Craft ideas
  • Now, make your kids to do the same for the assortments making them choose which assortment will hang in which strips and ask them glue the same. When doing so, speak to the kids about the cakes and sea lives letting them know which belongs where and why.
paper crafts

craft ideas kids
  • Finally we are done and let the mobile cakes and mobile sea life hang in your living room.
Mobile hangings can be fun as well as educative for the kids. We can also use the same technique creating different mobile hangings using just paper and crayons. Need more craft ideas for mobile hangings .
- What about creating a jungle with animals like monkeys and squirrels hanging downs ? 
- What about Solar system using all the nine planets ?
- What about a tree with different types of fruits?
- What about creating the same as in the below image? 

The options are wide and open. And if you ask your kids, they will come up with more art and craft ideas for mobile hangings. Have fun !

mobile hangings
mobile hangings kids

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Thank you !


  1. Very Creative and it looks so cute :)Whose idea is this??? Really great..

    1. Thank you Bhawya!. The main idea is actually from a book. But, we decided to bring that idea in a plain paper.

  2. Looking pretty nice and the Kids will also be happy doing this..

    1. Sure, they are indeed pretty. I too love them whenever I see them on my living room.

  3. How attractive and easy to make too!
    Good ones.

    1. Indrani, they are very easy to bring our drawings on paper,colour them and then cut them. It is an enjoyable indoor activity for the kids.

  4. These are creative and damn cute ^_^ nice job!

  5. Looks very beautiful and also you have outlined in simple steps to do the art nice work!!!!

  6. So easy but so cute!
    BTW now a days I'm getting fascinated to do all these stuffs by my own which usually would interest a lower age group :-P


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