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Being a parent is a wonderful phase in life and as my kids grow up, I am always astounded by their thinking and the way they are expressing their own ideas. And one day when my daughter asked, "Mama, can you help me creating my own blog so that I can write stories in it?", I was surprised how my blogging has influenced my child rather in a positive way. 

And so, I decided to give a space for my kids in my blog itself preserving their innocence and creativity. I sincerely hope that it will serve as sort of a dairy wherein some day, my children will take over this space giving it more scope for improvement. 

The Story of Friendship - by Vidula 

The Crocodile and the Wolf 

Once upon a time in a far away forest there lived a green crocodile called Ossy. He was green as leaves in a pile and was very smart as girls crocodile indeed.

One boiling spring time day, Ossy decided to drink some blue water in the middle of the dark beautiful forest. When he was about to go into the forest to have a cool nice warm drink, a wolf came because he wanted to attack him. 

But before long Ossy said, " Please don't hurt me " in a sweet peaceful voice.

"You can be my very best friend," he said nicely and gently.

"May be we could, " said the wolf at-last.

Dear daughter, 
As I read your story, these thoughts were popping out of my mind. You have used the magical word of "please" and used polite talking to make two enemies as best friends. And you believed it would . When I asked you what was the moral of the story, you said there was no moral and this is the way the story should be. And, I am glad it was dear.

Drawing - by Ajay
Mommy and Daddy

Dear Son, 
At first when I saw this image, I thought it was aliens. And I asked you why did you draw aliens?. But my question made you cross. You then corrected Mommy that it was not aliens but you drew Mummy and Daddy. I was all smiles and happy when you said so and wanted to preserve this drawing here.

The glowing eyes and happiness of my kids seeing their work in display couldn't be expressed in words here. Hope I can carry on this whenever I can .


  1. Great start :-) way to go Vidu & Ajay.. your stories & paintings are nicely presented with cute lil innocence. How I adore :-) mommy like children :-)

    1. Thank you Bhawya! I will convey your compliment to Viduma and Ajay :)

  2. Aww! How sweet O_O Lovely drawings! :)

  3. You really have done a great job by making the space in your blog for your kids and I am sure someday they will look up to this space and it will only make you more respectable in their eyes...
    Lots of Respect to you for encouraging your Kids..And I wish best of luck to your kids too... :-)

    1. Thanks! I all started with my daughter's interest and I do hope that they will enjoy their innocence as well as carry this website forward in future with more interesting thoughts and subjects :)

  4. A child`s intelligence is mainly inherited from his parents, and the parents`

    intelligence is usually a guide to the child`s.
    You really have done a great job by making the space in your blog for your kids

    1. Thanks a lot Mohanedali! I'm humbled :)

  5. Such a great idea. My daughter wrote a little book today with drawings and I think I'll publish it to preserve it as well.

  6. Fantastic idea! :-) I shall definitely think of this once my daughter starts showing signs of wanting such personal space! You have beautiful children :-)


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