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omen are beautiful creations themselves. When they start to make things out of love and passion, they dumbfound you with their incredible outcomes. All women work. No doubt in it. They work either outside or at home and still have that magic spell to transform a speckle of their thought molding things into a look they desire.

For decades, women have been shining in many fields through their dedicating works expressing and exhibiting their inner self into an external form of art and presentation. Art in form of painting by Amrita Sher-Gil, classical dance movements by Anita Ratnam and Mallika Sarabhai, singing by our renowned Carnatic vocalist M.S. Subbulakshmi and one of most reputed fashion diva Ritu Kumar are few examples of women who self -expressed beauty in their works. Apart from these people, there are women who remain unknown restricted into the boundaries of the household and very few, now and then come out into the open to showcase their beautiful talent to the world. And they are titled as "Housewives", "Homemaker", "Kitchen Queens" and "Food-stylists".

I am a woman, a homemaker who loves cooking and I take perfect care in things I love to do. Though I have my own kitchen for years now, I still drool over my Mom's cooking. She has that magic in her hands that make me feel blessed whenever I eat her dishes especially her Chicken Briyani and Paal Kulai Puttu. There is no one comparable like my Mom with her devoting life and beautiful cooking through which she expresses her love for her family - she is always my Mia Women. Apart from picking family, I thought to choosing a friend who will suit this title. It is none other than a good blogger friend of mine 'Sanjeeta K Kumar' who has talent in presentable cooking. Work for her is not only cooking but the way she highlights it through impressive photographs that makes you feels like that her images is full of life with their style and elegance.

I have selected three such photographs of hers through which she presents herself and her creativity through food. Her passion in fact took her to heights making her one of the sort out "food stylist" in Chennai city. Recently, she has conveyed me a message of two restaurant photo shoots in a week span. And for a person who has no formal training in either photography or food styling, this is far great achievement to be acknowledged by people around her and it is only because of her love and dedication for her work which made her reach heights through her website

Through the above image, we can see the intricate and exceptional way she had displayed her cooking. And it is none other than "Daal Dhokli" standing high on the rustic block looking down at its fellow ingredients.

Presentable foods are meals for both the stomach and the eyes. And if you can guess, the above is the combination of fried idilis and broccoli in a Seekh Kebab style. She calls it "Fusion Style".

And finally, we have the dessert, the Blackberry furni in the spotlight and behind is the Strawberry furni giving way to the roll out look.

With your flawless presentation of food with colors and imaginations, keep reaching heights my friend Sanjeeta in par with Mia collections

Made in hand with love and care
Imaginations to bring things to life
Accomplishment to one's satisfaction

Signed, Your's MIA


  1. A Great Description you have Given of Being a Proud Woman.. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jahid! Hope Sanjeetha reads this comment :)

  3. yummy licious :-)

  4. This is Amazing. Excellent post.

  5. Sanjeeta ka deserves this and much more. Kudos to you for this article.I could have never written such a beautiful post about her.

    1. Yes! I love her creativity and glad I did write this post . And thank you for your compliment :)

  6. Beautiful post Uma! All the best for the contest!
    'Presentable foods are meals for both the stomach and the eyes'- i so agree with you! :)

    1. True Bushra. I can't seem to get enough of good foods :D :)

  7. nice post Sanjeeta deserve it..

  8. Amazing post Uma. well written. All the very best for the contest.

  9. Appetizing post indeed!!!
    I liked the MIA expression in the end too..

  10. The presentation certainly looks nice, I am sure it will be quite yummy to taste. Best wishes for the contest!


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