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Collages are a fun way to create wonderful work of arts. This fun activity will help children learn how different things when put together will transform into a wonderful art. The easiest and interesting theme for this activity will be creating a Tropical Bird Collage. 

Things you will need :
  • Coloured papers or foams - about 8 to 10
  • A thick cardboard of any size - the bigger, the better 
  • A Scissor
  • A Pen knife
  • A Pencil and a eraser
  • Gum

Almost everything above is easily available at home and remember that our end result by using the above stuffs will be awesome. The visual look of the bird collage we would create (see below image) will be so colorful. You can increase it beauty by creating a frame over it or sprinkling some glitter over it.

activity toddlers


1. Use pencil to draw the tree trunk and branches of the tree on a brown paper. Make sure to draw curvy and wiggly lines so that you can show that they are the barks of the tree. This will add some difference to your picture giving it a look of reality.

2. Cut along the outline of the tree and glue it on to our main picture's background - the white cardboard. 

activities kids

3. Next, draw the leaves for the tree on a green foam ( you can also use green coloured paper). Your children will love to do the leaves on their own. I chose the foam instead of the colored paper since it will give the image an elevated look. Having done the leaves, cut them and keep it aside.

4. Now, glue the leaves on the sides of the branch which was glued already onto our white cardboard. This will give to the whole picture of how our final collage will be. 

5. Similarly, you will need some for the birds. You can create your own bird on two ways. The former by drawing the outline of a whole bird on the foam or coloured paper and then cut it. The latter by having different colours for different parts of the birds as I did in the below image. By doing the latter, we can have a lovely colourful bird and children would prefer it that way.

toddler activity

6. Now that we have completed our birds, it is time to stick them on the background where we have the tree and leaves already set in place.You can stick the birds the way you prefer them using the glue.

7. Finally, darken all the lines that your kids might have missed. Give a high five to your kids since your project of Tropical Bird Collage would not have been complete without them helping you.
kids activities
Tropical Bird Collage
Do you like this Tropical Bird Collage? What are the other collages you can think about ? Drop in your comments :)


  1. Beautiful. I have faint memory of doing similar things in school.

    1. Yes, these are some thing we have all come across in our school too in our drawing and craft class :)

  2. Very neat work, Uma:)! The Colorful birds look ready to fly!

    1. Thanks Anita and I did want it to look that way :)

  3. This is so Lovely,Creative and at the same time interesting.. :D

  4. Very creative. The birds are so cute :)

  5. great way to teach kids about various forms & colours without mess...

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