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Packaging :
The Ozeri Green Earth Pan came in a box thrice its own size secured with bubble wrap. My first impression on the pan was its compact size and high-end design. Painted green for symbolising its green factor, "The Green Earth Pan" has chemical free coating which is safe for normal cooking and can also be used as an induction cookware . 

Made with German-made Greblon ceramic coating, Ozeri is one manufacture that has developed eco-friendly non stick cookware free from the harmful effects of Teflon, PFOA and other chemicals. This coating is becoming very popular and is found in all Ozeri’s high end cookware. The one I got falls under this eco-friendly and ceramic pan category.

ozeri pan
Elevated texture to enhance cooking and performance
The Ozeri green earth pan was unique in its look along with an elevated texture that looks like a series of hexagon. It helps to create air pockets underneath the patterns thereby distributing heat for better performance which is why the pan stays quite hot thereby enhancing cooking.

Also, as per the directions given make sure to clean the pan with a soft sponge and precondition the inside with a little oil before using it for the first time.

General properties of Ozeri Green Earth Pan


Cooking with Ozeri Green Earth Pan

The below image is cooked egg without using any oil. The cooking was even and easy to turn. I found that the non stick property of the pan was great for me since even without any oil the egg came out perfect.  My love of using this Ozeri pan grew high that it became the pan that I use regularly in my cooking. And each time I used it, I noticed its convenience for fast cooking due to small size and high performance.

ozeri review

The non stick property of the pan was great and I even noticed the hexagon impression it gave on my dosa making it the best non stick cookware.

So almost all my simple cooking were done using this pan and every time I took care in washing the pan using only sponge. And cleaning was much easier than I thought. With a pinch of fairy liquid and a sponge, my cleaning is done in minutes.


Advantages (PROS):
  • Easy and comfortable cooking due to its non stick property. 
  • It does not release harmful fumes or toxins compared to other pans even at high temperatures.
  • The thick handle is easy to grip and heat resistant.
  • GREBLON ceramic based coating coming under WEILBURGER Coatings are derived from nature. They contain zero PTFE and zero PFOA. So its is free from harmful carcinogenic effects of PFOA and TEFLON 
Disadvantages (CONS):
I have noticed little white spots on the pan which are supposed to be some wear off. The reason as I guess might be the pan's regular use for cooking or overheating it. As for cleaning, I have used only cleaning sponge and taken care not to press too hard on it. So after one and a half month of regular use, my opinion on Ozeri non stick pan is that the scratch resistant property of my pan is just same as other normal pans I have used.


But coming back to its nonstick property, I was glad it was too good and in case of any problem with its non stick property, we can revive it by a simple home treatment which I found came in handy once.

Treatment -The directions that came with the pan stated that the loss of non stick property can be caused by a buildup of food and oil residue or minerals in the water. So it is recommended that rubbing the pan's surface with lemon juice or vinegar to remove the residue and regain back the pan's performance.

After the above treatment, I found that the non stick property did improve and cooking was back to normal. And cleanup was also much easier.

Final Opinion:
So finally my overall verdict of this pan is quite good for home use being compact in size and with its beautiful textured appearance. But if you are going to use the pan regular, don't expect the pan to be super non stick for long. It is just like any other pan when it comes to regular cooking with its non stick property. The highlight of this pan is that it contains GREBLON coating, a patented fluorine polymer compositions which does not release harmful fumes or toxins even on high temperatures and moreover it does not contain PFOA. And I love this pan for this property. If you are looking for non-stick pan coatings other than DuPont's Teflon regarding health concerns, you can have a look at this new invention of Greblon coating. These Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan with Textured Ceramic pans are available at Amazon and you can get different sizes of the same.

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review with both advantages as well as disadvantages. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. I only recommend products that I personally tried and tested so that it would serve as a helpful tool to all those who look for a candid review on the same .


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