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Home is the only place where an individual can rely on any condition or weather. Everyone loves to protect their home. What if a news about a recent burglary happened in your area or next door? How freaky is to leave your home when you have just heard that news.

A friend has recently shared a news about a burglary that had happened in her relative's home which has caused her family a loss of gold sovereigns after returning home back from a wedding. Sometimes, it happens that electronic products go missing too. Yes, burglaries are everywhere. It is very much in and around our area and I am compelled to be at home to save my family from unwanted problems. I can also say that almost many out there esp. the ones living aboard and working couples have the similar problem too. Maybe there is a solution to this problem.

Burglars always look out for an uninhabited or unoccupied house to attack and one solution is to trick the burglars making them believe that the house is occupied. This can be done by fitting all domestic properties with timer lights when empty and in darkness. This advice has been given by police and security experts to keep you home burglar deterrent.

First Look : The package is neat and compact. And unpacking the light switch timer unit was a breeze. The instructions given on the pack was easy to read and follow. It requires an AA alkaline battery to run.

After installing the battery, the LCD panel came to life. Using the instruction given, setting the day and time including the temperature are all done with clicks. This battery-operated security solution can be used anywhere around the home. It is preferable to use it in a place which gives out the most light which helps it to serve its purpose, deterring any would-be intruders.

Principle used for Light Switch Timer:
The control wheels on the backside of the unit rolls up and down over the switch thereby pushing the switch to ON and OFF position in regard to the program set.

Light Timer Switch
Next, it is essential to set the date and time to our current date and time. For doing this, press the button 'DAY' to set the current day . For setting the current time, press the 'HOUR' and 'MIN' accordingly and press ENTER to confirm the setup. Make sure of setting the correct AM/PM that gets displayed on the left side of the LCD panel. 

How to install and program the Light Switch Timer
I used this timer on my double gang switch. In just two steps, I transformed my existing light switch is converted into a timer switch.

Installing the Timer Switch
  1. Loosen the screws on either side of your double gang switch. 
  2. Slide the cradle over your wall light switch, and slot the control unit into the cradle.
  3. Program your lights on and off as per your choice and install the unit in its place.
Setting up your first Program :
This timer lets you to set up any number of programs depending on your needs. I created a program to automatically switch on and off the light at a particular time everyday.

I used the timer to switch on the light exactly at 6.30 PM in the evening and switch off exactly at 10.00 PM in the night time. The below image will clearly state the instruction for setting up your first program.

How to set up your Light Switch Timer for a different gang switch
Depending upon our requirement and type of switch in our home, this timer switch can be altered using the control wheel. The wheels can be removed by placing a finger behind the wheel and slightly pushing it out. The below image will clearly state how to set up the timer for a different gang switch.

Light Switch Timer Key features & its advantages
  • Compact , portable, easy to install and acts as a burglar deterrent
  • No wiring is needed- It works directly on your existing home light switches
  • Keep your home lighted when you enter your home after a day's work outside 
  • Makes sure that your home and belongings are safe when you are away from a long journey by making your home look occupied
  • Can be used for a single gang switch, a double gang switch as well as a triple gang switch.
  • Compatible with all energy saving bulbs
  • Programmable light switch timer with 9 program options available and 1 random night timer feature.
  • Random Night Timer feature - Automatically turns on and off the light randomly at a preselected time interval is helpful when the home is unoccupied esp. at night time.
  • Manual and automatic feature to control your timer.
  • Low Battery Indicator and Resetting the Timer option available 
  • There is no dimmer in this light switch. But, since this timer can be used on LED and CLF also, this point can be negotiated.
  • There is no backlight facility available in the timer just in case you need to program or look at the time in the dark or in dim light. This is the only issue that I have noticed in this timer.
Conclusion: My opinion on this timer is that it is one of the best products that I have come across for  programmable light switch timer. I have used this timer switch for five consecutive days in my home and found it to work like a breeze.  No wiring or electricity required. All it needs is a 2 AA high quality alkaline battery to work and it has a life span of about more than three months.  The pros and cons I noticed are very well stated above in points. Now, coming to its security feature it is one product that is created with a good intention - keeping the home safe in a cost effective method.
Working of Light Switch Timer
NOTE (Offer/Discount): Light Switch Timer has come up with special launch price of £27.99 on-line. For readers of this blog, you get an additional 10% discount with free postage with the code : Lights-on . These offers expires on 18th November. 


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