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True stories that imparts an impression are stories that have received well. Everyone has their past and almost many of them slowly and painfully learnt that their pasts are not the part of their future. The road in front of them are quite different to their wish but it is more wide with options, unique and willing to welcome one with their open hands. And the story I am sharing today is that of the choice we make to either let go or still hang on to our past.

One year later, I am again walking on this path - my college road. The road that has memories loaded and lot of young dreams built.

Each step I took reminded me of the moment I froze looking for him wait on that special corner. How many glances exchanged without a word spoken and how many times a smile added more meaning to my life, no one knows. From a glance to a smile and from a smile to a Hi. But it didn't reach any further. We both knew we liked each other but the time seems to freeze whenever either of us moved beyond that one single word.

platinum love

But today, I chose to move further as I cannot hold this emotion in me anymore. And when I was invited for this get together party, I took a day off from my work looking forward to meet him and tell him what I feel for him.

As I neared the building, my heart began to pound even faster.

The hall was decorated colorfully and smiling faces were inviting everyone in. The whole place was filled with vibrant talks and giggles. The long lost faces appeared new, fresh and matured. Some of my colleagues were even married and were present with their spouse, introducing them to the crowd.

One of my friends saw me and cheered , "Hey Aniyah, how much  have you changed? You look all toned up and looking fabulous," Kirthi said astonishingly.

I smiled. Kirthi was my very good friend and we were the ones who hang out together during our college days. It has been a year that we met each other in person. It is the world of working women. She got placed in her hometown Mumbai and I stayed back to work in Chennai. A few calls now and then kept our friendship rooted.

" Hello Kriti,  how much I missed you dear! " We hugged each other. But, my eyes were elsewhere browsing every face in the hall hoping to find that special one close to my heart.

Unable to find him, I sighed deeply . "Will it work out even after so many months? Will I see ever him again at least on this get together?" Questions were filling every part of my brain. And all they need is one simple answer - Yes!

Soon a hand touched my shoulder and I saw Kirthi nearing closer. She lowered her voice and asked me , "Are you looking for xxx$x?". I nodded slowly. "I heard he has gone to work onshore," said Kirthi.

She looked worried and again asked me " Are you sure you are still looking for him?"
Her question shook me.

"Why?" I asked her. My heart was now weighing more than my body and I held her hands tight. Kirthi looked confused and then said, "Aniyah, it's been a year without ..." she paused a little and then continued, "without anything. Kirthi sighed and then said sternly, "As your good friend I guess there is no reason for you to wait for him anymore. You had your reason when he approached you, right ?."

I bowed my head in silence and felt like running out of this place. What she told was true but what had happened in between us was a reality with so many instances laying as a proof. But we both had our reasons and the fear of being neglected due to our religious background made us quiet then but not now, not anymore. This time I let go my reason because the pain I underwent without seeing him these days told me nothing else mattered in the case of love.

But just then somebody called for his name. And his close friend replied back that he was already settled onshore and has no plans to revisit India. I was trying to swallow the fact that I won't be able to see him again.

Suddenly Krithi shouted," Aniyah, is your earring missing?".  My hand groped for my ear and found that my gold earring was missing. I had been wearing it for years and missing it added more fuel to my grief.  It appeared that all my good things in life, both precious and close to my heart was leaving me at once - all in a single day. 

I sobbed silently. Kirthi tired to stop me. But unable to console her further, she said in a stern yet soft voice

" Aniyah, I guess that maybe your ear has some other plans. See, how willingly it got rid of one so that it can get something more better to suit it. So, don't worry". She paused a little and then continued, "Who knows, someday you might get a diamond or a platinum earrings much more precious than what you have lost now. Take my word darling, " she said trying to cheer me up. 

Her words indeed sounded like a tonic to the situation I am in. I tried hard to smile on hearing her words."Or maybe not " I thought.

" I am not that lucky, Kirthi," I said . My friend Kirthi did not know how much I was crying inside silently. I sighed heavily trying to hide the truth in my eyes.

We hugged each other and waved good bye. I was again walking on the same college road back to where I belong - but the road now seemed to be devastated and empty. I paced slowly with my colleagues drawing in the happenings of this whole day. It has taken me one full year and this one day to understand the reality I am in and the truth banged me on my head. The dreams build on this road were not meant to be.

Maybe, life has other plans for me. The last drop of my tear fell on the college entrance gate and I walked without turning back.

Letting go was not easy. It took a pound of flesh from my body, lamenting my mistakes day and night, tears that failed to produce but with the good support from my family and the right attitude, I was moving on. As Einstein quoted, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Yes, I was moving on.

---   break   ---      

Five years later, I was busy cooking in my kitchen. But I felt conscious that someone was watching over me. I turned my head around and saw two tiny eyes peeping in and out of the door entrance. Instantly, I pretended not to notice anything but paced towards the door stealthily.

"Got you!" I said aloud and my little son giggled and ran as fast as he can towards our bedroom. I chased after him but suddenly I gasped in shock.

A big bubbly smiling face stood close to me .

" Happy Anniversary! " said my husband holding a golden wrapped gift in his hand. I smiled and opened the warp. Inside there were two platinum Celtic knot earrings.

platinum love

At that moment, the grey matter on my brain revived the line my friend said "Someday you might get a diamond or a platinum earrings much more precious than what you have lost now".

And Kirthi was right. Tears appeared in the corner of my eyes as I was experiencing a moment of true love that I failed to acknowledge once. The life that I live now was no doubt was more precious than what I would have imagined then.

I smiled a thousand smile. I picked up the platinum earring and wore it on my ears. As I looked up and neared to kiss him, I saw the reflection of my platinum earring shining bright on my special ones eyes. I gave him a peck and soon my little one came running hugging us from our backside with his tiny hands.

This was my world, the world that I was meant to be.

Real love are not easily found. It needs the right time, some patience and learning to sacrifice. But when found, no Love is as precious and everlasting just like Platinum. 


All the above characters including story is fictional written for the Platinum Day of Love. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


  1. Nice! Expect the least and you may get the best...:)
    All the best for the contest!

    1. Ideally the fact but does not related to the expectation. It is always expect the best because everyone will come into contact with the best at least once in their lifetime :)

  2. Wow..That was such a nice read..I was totally immersed in it..And Yes we don't really need to look for true love,when it will come by us we will surely know about it.. :D

    1. Very True! Don't go in search for true love, it is always there waiting for you to unveil :)
      Thanks for dropping by !

  3. Allt he best for contest! and a very nice story with a positive outlook..

    1. Sure - of positive outlook esp. in the worst time we are in.Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Very meaningful post.Disappointments do dishearten us for some time but the future can turn out to be even better than we had hoped for.

    1. True Indu! This does not stop with Love, it also works good for almost all aspects of our lives. Glad you liked the story :)

  5. Nice story woven Uma. Very sweet ending.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Best of luck!

  7. Nice story Uma. All the best for the contest. By the way liked the sketches too. They added to the beauty of the story.

  8. Touching story, Uma!
    Nice sketches to illustrate.
    This is how many stories end. We must be happy & grateful & realize the love we have got.
    This is life- got to learn and move on by wearing Platinum jewelry! :)
    Best wishes for the contest!

  9. Wonderful post Uma and Ur sketches are so cute :) All the best for the contest !!

  10. Wow! I know the difficulty to write a true story; how could you write an imaginary one so well! All the best for the contest!

  11. How beautifully expressed!! Real love can not be found easily but then there's sweetness in the wait especially because it is meant to last forever.

    Good luck :)

  12. Beautiful story and sketches, Uma. :)

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    அன்புடையீர் .
    வணக்கம் . தங்கள் ஊர் பாண்டியில் உள்ள வக்கீல் ரசீது அவர்கள் எனது உடன்பிறந்த அண்ணன் மருமகன் அவர் மகன் ஆசிக் அஹமது ஒரு கணினி பொறியாளர்.

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