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Children and Immunity go hand in hand even after they reach their adulthood. Children especially those under fives years of age are more affected by infection and illness as their immune system are still in the developing stage. As a mother of two kids, I have understood how important is to keep your child clean and healthy. Children unlike adults love to play in dirt. Yes, they love exploring nature and the outside world building sand castles, messing up with paints, making stick homes, plucking leaves, playing with flowers and even insects. Their world is more wide than we could imagine and they are exposed to more newer germs of today's world. So it becomes crucial to keep them  immune by following some simple habits.

To keep the post entertaining along with the right information being passed (from my view as a parent), I used the name Uncle Dab to help convey the message in his own way. So this is what that happened.

Uncle Dab's Immunity Booster List

My daughter Cherry was affected by the notorious germs again. I was as upset and worried as my daughter was. Her stomach upset made me more concerned of her immunity level. "How could I increase her level of immunity and help her fight back naturally," I thought. That day on the park, I was calling out for help and just then a genie appeared from nowhere. More than a genie, he was a bear - a lover of honey belonging to the nostalgic brand Dabur Honey.

dabur kids

Uncle Dab /Bear : 
Don't worry! I know all about natural way of living and of course healing too. First of all you should know what exactly make you ill? Bacteria, virus, dust, weather and other environmental factors are the ones that causes illness.

Well, how do you know that you are sick? Any thing that your body unusually does like feeling pain on your body, symptoms of fever, sudden vomiting or unusual stools tells that you are sick.

Solution? Yes, fortunately we do have solution for illness. Most of these things can be avoided by looking after yourself well.

dabur kids

Cherry: Genie ! Genie! Where have you disappeared ?

Uncle Dab: Hey Cherry, call me Uncle Dab and I am here near the vegetable plant.
Do you know how healthy fruits and vegetables are for your health? Eating the right kind of food helps you fight illness, provides you real protection and in fact helps you recover more quickly. Always remember to get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. By having five or more servings of fruits and vegetables, you are building yourself healthy.

boost immunity

Cherry: Uncle Dab, do I get sick if I play outside? I guess I am surrounded by more germs outside than back at home.

Uncle Dab: Yes you do! More germs, more immunity. You are getting yourself more immunized in a natural way by playing outside. By playing outside physically, you are exercising your muscles which in turn keeps you fit. Another good thing is that, you also make friends with your neighbours, converse and share things together. Keep in mind that communication is the key!.

Make sure you don't spread germs by sneezing or coughing when you all play together. When that happens, remember to use tissues or your handkerchief. Also, as you are exposed to those tiny germs outside, you indirectly help your body to build immunity. The more you are exposed outside naturally, the more immune you become.

boost immunity

Cherry: Ah! I' m hungry now. Lots of play made me tired as well as hungry.

Uncle Dab:
NO! Don't eat your food without washing your hands first. Dirty hands can spread germs into the food and cause tummy upset. It is always important to bath or wash your hands with soap before eating your foods and after toileting to avoid unwanted illness. Remember, the more you keep yourself clean, the more healthy you are.

Cherry: Finally, I'm ready to eat. Err...What are you looking for Uncle Dab ? Do you need something from the fridge?

Uncle Dab: Ha well, I am looking for my Honey. I just adore Honey. Honey is a natural immune booster and having one teaspoon everyday is good for your overall health. Just like honey, yogurt also builds your resistance to germs. Do you know probiotic yogurt has lots of good bacteria that helps run our digestive systems smoothly?

Cherry: What ? Are you telling me that we eating good bacteria?

Uncle Dab: Yes I do. Good bacteria are nothing but friendly bacteria that assist our body. You must know that our body are not new to these good bacteria. There are already some trillions of bacteria that exists in our intestine naturally.
dabur immunity

Cherry: I am not sick but why have we come to the doctor now ?

Uncle Dab: For your vaccination Cherry. There are some awful dangerous diseases caused by viral infection and your small body will not have that much immunity to fight against them. By vaccinating, you are protecting yourself from those type of dangerous infections. Every year, newer vaccinations for newer diseases are updated in the hospital and it is necessary to keep yourself updated.

cartoon kids

Cherry: Oh No! I can't find my record notebook. I just kept it somewhere here.

Uncle Dab: Don't worry for small things, Cherry! Worrying increases your stress and affects your immune system. Keep calm and search, you can find what you need much faster. Always smile more to relax your muscles which in turn boosts your immune system. Only a smile can multiply as you pass it to others, makes you look attractive and would make a difference to your existence.

cartoon kids

Cherry: Good Night Uncle Dab!

Uncle Dab: Good Night Cherry! Always try to get more sleep. Sleeping helps heal your body quickly and restore your energy.
cartoon education

Uncle Dab: It's time to go now Cherry. I hope that you  know more on how to build your immunity now. And your Mommy no longer needs to worry about you.

Cherry: Sure, Uncle Dab but I will miss you. Please don't go Uncle Dab!

Uncle Dab: Don't worry Cherry! Uncle Dab will always come back again to meet you. And here is one more to your immunity power. Uncle Dab handled something to Cherry

Cherry: DABUR CHYAWANPRASH (Cherry said in an excited voice)

Uncle Dab: Yes Cherry, you are right !

Dabur Chyawanprash has more than forty natural ingredients that strengthens your body's internal defense mechanism and moreover, Dabur Chyawanprash is natural and safe.

Uncle Dab waved good bye to Cherry and the list of Uncle Dab ends here...

By following Uncle Dab's advice and educating yourself, you can help India become a stronger, healthier and an Immune nation. What more is important than looking after the health of oneself and their loved ones.

Hey wait! I am not finished yet. What about help spreading the words to your family and friends too. You can offer help for children in need like lending your old but neatly washed cloths, share your old books which are in reasonable shape, offer them your old toys, share your knowledge on natural medicines and let them know how important is to keep oneself clean. This way you will be helping build an Immune India very soon.

PS: The above post is written for the prompt "An Immune India"  by Indiblogger. 


  1. Wonderful take! Very creative!:)

  2. Wow! I just loved the way you have brought the message out, Uma - brilliant! This is fun, just the way it should be for kids. All the very best to you! :)

    1. Thanks for your generous comment! Yes, I wanted the message to be precise and clear , so chose the cartoon way :)

  3. Very creatively done. Great post.

  4. Uma, you'll be surprised but we used to call my daughter Cherry - as a nick name until she was 13!
    Could relate with the points you mentioned and presented beautifully. :)
    All the best!
    Mine's Here - - if you wish to come over! :)

  5. Hey Uma, you really have a creative way of writing. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you Vasant! Glad you enjoyed the post as much as I have when creating it :)

  6. your works are always unique

  7. Excellent post Uma, very creative. All the best for the contest !!

  8. Very nice and very informative in an easy to understand way. Cartoons are brilliant too.

  9. Innovative & creative.Good Luck for the contest

  10. Well changing times...Kids today love Youtube and Cartoons :) And this is a great way to teach kids the essence of hygiene...

    1. Well said! Cartoons are always a part of the children lives. I have noticed my kids pay so much attention to what cartoons says or does and imitate it the same way :)

  11. Hi uma,
    very effective post indeed.Just keep going and keep sharing.

  12. Such a lovely take..and the images where adorable!!
    Good luckw ith the contest. Following you now. :)

    1. Thanks for the follow...Glad you liked it!

  13. The creative brain at work has produced a gem of a post.

    All the best Uma!

    1. That was a lovely compliment, thank you :)

  14. Creative post indeed. Good Luck for the contest.

  15. hi... it was very creative and did you design these comic strips by the way ???

  16. That was a very creative take. Best of luck.

  17. Wonderful Post, Uma!
    Lovely illustrations! How did you manage them? Uncle DAB is adorable!
    All the best dear!

  18. The most interactive and creative post i have read about Health and immunity :) Cheers

  19. Really creative and an enjoyable read. All the best for the content!

  20. Amazing post. Wish you all the best.

  21. your post is awsome , i like so much.all the best.

  22. Well nice gripping and magical narration,

  23. Such a beautiful creativity post! I liked the whole idea.

  24. just the ideal way to get kids to read something like this - lovely!


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