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Sharing the spark of your moment with family and friends, making wise use of the photo filters and frequent photo updates made Instagram widely popular. And with such unique apps comes in unique companies that makes use of Instagram powerful photo capturing capability and transforming them into memorable materialistic things that can enrich your home.

I used one such opportunity in creating a wall decal for my home using my Instagram photos through the Instajuction website which offered me their product for a review. The package came quick and was delivered safe. The Instagram vinyls were just right as I expected them to be - not too bad and not too sharp. Also, the vinyls were not as thick as I thought it would be. I had received eight vinyls out of which four were taken using Instagram and the rest four was uploaded from my gallery to Instagram. The dimensions of the vinyl prints were 15cm x 15cm which was a very good size to fit the walls of my home. As you can see below, I experimented with two different layouts that suit my taste and that which adapted well with my home wall.

Vinyl Instagram Tree Branch (Wall Decals)
I love wall decals and having a crush on creating a family tree or branch with photos, I tried my hand on creating one such  family branch of my children pictures with the Instagram vinyls I received (as seen in the below image).

instagram photo tree

I used a decorative tape for the branches which was easy to stick as well as to remove in case I change my mind. Then, I stuck the Instagram Vinyl photos on the sides of the decorative branches taking the shape of the leaves. The result of what I created was up to my satisfaction. Also, I liked the fact when the photos are easy to stick and reusable. This is one of the reasons I went ahead to order a vinyl print. 

Vinyl Instagram Wall Collage
The next one I tried was creating a wall collage in form of a square and it worked very well to that of the background on my home wall. Removing and using the vinyls once again was as easy as a pie. The ambiance that this photo square created was too good and I chose this layout as the final one for my home wall.
instagram wall collage
Instagram Wall Collage
Along with Instagram Vinyls, Instajunction offers more products like magnets, wall calenders, posters, mini books, key rings, coasters, luxury aluminium plate, greeting cards, charm bracelets, framed prints, cuff links and wrapping paper for all your Instagram photos. 

instagram photos online

Unlike the other photo ordering website, Instajunction does not require us to sign up or create an account with them. You only need your Instagram login information to use the website which provides easy and hassle free ordering for any users. Also, in just three steps you are ready to order any item of your choice. You don't even require to edit or crop your images to fit in your selected product. You are only required to select the photos from your Instagram gallery and straightway pay for your ordering along with your home (destination) address. Ordering a product has never been so easy with Instajuction.

instagram photo online

Instajunction is one such website that makes the best use of your Instagram photos. The friendly people at Instajuction are offering my readers a 25% discount on any orders using the code FRIEND25CP placed up until the 8th December 2013. Use this chance to get the best out of your Instagram photos and gift your loved one for the nearing Christmas and New Year celebration. Also, this code can be used as many times as you like. Good luck!

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review . All opinions are my own.


  1. Looks wonderful! like the tree branch :)

    1. So you like the tree branch one, Bhawya
      Yes, from far they are really impressive and I like it too :)

  2. tree branching is very much charming !

    1. Yes, most of them like the first image. I like both of them :)

  3. I really like the tree branch idea! It's also really amazing how easy you make it sound to order all these things, social media and technology are making things so much faster these days


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