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Christmas passed by and we played Santa at home with X-mas tree, Christmas present, Cake & Turkey and Santa's stocking fillers to make the most of Christmas for my children. These small gifts lifts my children face with bright smile and twinkling eyes, and as a mum I always wait for that moment to admire my children's excitement.

Gifting children every now and them is something every Mum including myself does with pride and joy. And if there are five special gifts that I would like to gift to my children for their secure future, I wanted to gift them the following in no particular order.

BEING BRAVE: There might be so many values in life but I always wanted my children to develop the skill to face the world bravely. My kids should grow strong both physically and mentally. I often tell my children not to cry or fight for silly things instead face them at least once with courage and a sportive mindset.

Once when my daughter was afraid of a big black bug that entered our home. I just smiled and asked her to help me to catch the bug with a paper and a plastic container. Then, I covered the container upside down over the bug and slowly inserted a paper inside. With a small push, we made the bug climb over the paper and soon threw it outside. In few days, I noticed my daughter and my son use the same technique to catch and throw a bug outside all by themselves and I was clapping my hands telling them how brave they were. This might be a small example but I was indeed proud of them. I value bravery and I wanted my children to learn and grow to be brave.

POSITIVE GROWTH: Positive growth by means of health and attitude. As a mom I hate when my kids don't eat  healthy foods in a place where fast foods are rated higher over the charts. I always love feeding them home foods and make them understand the need for eating healthy foods. I always stand by the belief that the foods what the children eat at present are the ones that lay a foundation for an active body and growth in the future.

Like food, I believe in inculcating positive attitude that adds to their positive growth. The power of being positive is selling like hot cakes and indeed it is one thing that all people need in this competitive world we live in. I myself have been a learner and know how important is to cultivate this habit in life. I am and will teach my children to take things sportively, a habit that has been taught to me by my parents. I really believe that my children need this attitude since they might face lots of challenges mixed with success and failures in the outside world. 

I sometimes tell myself when faced with some difficultly ,"Be like a horse. They never mind how many times they fall down but whenever they do, they still get up and run "
I wish to see my children cultivate this positive attitude

RESPECT ONESELF AND OTHERS: This is one important value that has been inculcated and passed from one generation to another to every child by their parents. With respect, Grows love. My children knows the meaning of respect and they value the presence of their elders which makes me a proud mom. I also need them to respect themselves, their time and their needs. I wanted them to spend time with their friends to experience love and sharing, time with their books to experience life out of this world and time with the nature to experience the bliss of life and time to do what they love doing. 

EDUCATIONAL SECURITY: It is the best gift that any parents can give their children. It combines all the above said gifts in one.
Bravery + Positive Growth + Respect = Right Education
Education provides the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong. It also bestows a child with its own individuality and help him feel secure to face life. Education helps my children to be exposed to the world of books and knowledge that comes all along their life. It also imposes the strength to move on and help themselves to live a good life. This gift is every child's right.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: Money is something that is needed for a decent living. I wanted my children's life to be safe and secure even when I am not around them. I want my children to be free from debt in case of higher education, marriage needs or any other needs in their life. A child's insurance plan is something that is crucial for my children's secure future. This is an important investment that will help my children for their future needs.

The above five things are what I really wish to gift my children. As a Santa to my children, I always strive to bring what is best for them. I pray and hope that as a mom I glue all the above five things to the life of my children just like the five fingers are to their hand.

best gifts children

This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda and has been selected as a winning entry.


  1. Education, you conclude, is one vital gift... one that is equal to three other gifts. I agree. Education is indeed vital.

    Arvind Passey

  2. Apt gifts, Uma. Much needed for a secure future.
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  3. Very well written Uma....really essential for our children..:-) ATB for the contest..

  4. meaningful presents :) All the best for the contest.

  5. Key gift we can impart to our children is to define between the right and wrong, everything else is secondary in my opinion :)

  6. Wise choice of gifts Santa mom! :)

  7. Superb. Everybody is writing with this subject. Great theme I must say :-)

  8. So true, Uma. Almost every mom desires these for her children. And you have enlisted them so beautifully. Loved it - all the best for the contest. :)

  9. The most essential gifts for all children. Beautifully written. All the best for the contest.

  10. essential and of course wonderful gifts. nice post, Uma.. all the best :)

  11. All these gifts are very important for a child for its growth and developed.
    Congratulations for writing a winning post.

  12. Congrats on the victory, Uma :) Just hopped over here to read your post from the blogadda link and I'm glad that I did :) You deserve the victory, Superb !! :)

  13. Grt post.. congrts for the win... simple and very effective write up.


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