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Doll house decorating games very much appeal to kids who loves to decorate their homes. I used to collect miniatures out of interest and helped my daughter Cherry create her own doll house in my home. She loves decorating it and has her own version of playing games with her brother Berry who joins her with his cars for shopping and travelling stuffs. 

With their fictional games on one side, kids of today are very much attracted to virtual games which come in the form of apps. Apps have increased tremendously with more handheld devices and have shrunk the world of games in kids within the vicinity of the four walls of devices like laptop, tablet and iPad. Recently I downloaded and installed Doll House App Kids game for my daughter to explore virtually the world of doll house. She became very much interested and without my guidance she started decorating and exploring the game.

She found it easy to add and arrange the items with just a tap. And removing means just a push downwards. The game was very much straight forward and even my son liked to play the game taking turns.

doll house games
My Doll House App
To keep the kids interested, the items are unlocked one by one helping them to get the grip of the game. To unlock the items, all you need is smiles and it was one of the best thing in the game to unlock more levels. 

You can collect smiles as you keep decorating your doll house with the items. The more items you add, more smiles you can collect.

Another things I like about this doll house games app is that there are also no ads in between or on bottom of the game while the game is running on. This avoids making the kids click them by fault and download unwanted games. The only times ads are displayed are during the very start of the game and on the end of the game which as a parent I can check once a while.

doll house games

Below is an image of vacant room which got decorated by my daughter Cherry with her favorite items she choose from the lists by scrolling below. There are more items to add and arrange like Christmas trees, furnitures, carpets, furniture, clocks, toys, flowers, toys, decorations, etc.

Each room has its own background and there are some suitable items that match perfectly with the room's background. Your kids can amaze you with their creativity. I was glad to see the work done by my daughter (see below image) and this helps me understand how much a child can react to perception of colors and size.
doll house games
The doll house games app is simple to use and kids can get attracted to the vibrant colors and furnishings. It will be a great game for little girls who loves to decorate things.

The games increases its level from one doll house to another, and smiles are the only keys to unlock a new doll house. You have a single floor two room doll house to two-floored four room doll house. The size of the doll house varies with each level and so does the items we unlock with the smiles. There are about 30 doll houses that will keep the kids entertained.

doll house apps
Unlock more houses with smiles
doll house app
After completing your doll house, the kids have an option to share it with family and friends. Though it is ideal that the kids at the age of 3 to 7 won't possess an active social account, with the help of their parent, they can flaunt and share their own creations to a wider community of people. 

doll house games
Share your creations with family and friends
If they want to skip the share, the kids can tap to continue the game unlocking more houses. And this was very convenient at times.

Key Features:
  • Adaptable to young ones by its drag and tap feature.
  • Improves aesthetics skills in young girls 
  • Easy to understand and play the game
  • No intervening ads during the game
  • Option to unlock more houses and explore more items with smiles
  • Vibrant colors and attractive items that suits the kids
  • Ability to share with a number of social accounts
Features that can be added
  • Rotating and scaling ability for the items will give more control for the kids to add more furniture in the rooms and place it in different angles. Also, it fine tunes their imagination.
This My Doll House Kids game is one girly game that can keep you child entertained for hours. You can download the free doll house game from Google Play for android - play free doll house games. Doll house decorating games increases creativity and kids will sure love them


  1. A very wonderfully presented review, Uma! And what a find! Looks like an interesting app, fun for the little girls to spend their leisure time.

  2. This was well worth a read, Uma! I realized that learning never ends:)

  3. Nice & very creative concept. I am sure not only kids but also adults would like to play this game. I should say too interesting. Now a days adults & kids love to flaunt the new things which they love a lot. Best way of presentation. Interesting App.


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