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I always use Windows Live Movie Maker for most of my movie editing since it has almost all functions that is needed to edit basic video for my blog. One thing that Windows Live Movie Editor lacks is that it has very less converting formats including for devices like iPad or iPhone. For converting more video formats for various devices available on the market, one needs to download another software which converts one format to another.

I was introduced to Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate whose features I am going to blog about today. What makes it worth downloading and using is that it has full conversion features along with basic video editing which is as simple as a pie with its new update. 

There are no hard and fast rules for editing or converting your videos. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has all in one feature with drag and drop video converter, DVD converter and burner, YouTube downloader along with basic video editing features that includes an option to add subtitles.

Before going into details, here is an update about the Three Full Days Giveaway Campaign for the Wondershare Video Converter Pro for Windows between the 22nd and 24th of January 2014 after the recent Christmas Giveaway.

Key Conversion Features
  • Default conversion settings for iPhone (including iPhone 5), iPad (including iPad Air, iPad mini 2), iPod, Windows Media Player/Movie Maker, HTC and other popular devices and apps. Includes PSP and Xbox 360.
  • Easy conversion of video into 158 formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, DIVX, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, DVD-Video, etc for video, audio, web, HD and 3D. 
  • Accepts Input format of DVD as DVD disc, ISO files, DVD folder, IFO files and converts them into output format as DVD disc, ISO files, DVD folder.
  • Powered by Wondershare’s industry leading APEXTRANS™ technology providing high conversion speed of 30 x faster than other converters on the market.
  • Video Converter Ultimate is also fully compatible with Windows 8 and Mac
  • Downloading and editing videos from any web links which includes YouTube, FaceBook, Google, etc.
  • Powerful iTunes Library Organization like adding and editing meta-tag to the imported movie, TV Show or home video
  • Automatic syncing of converted files to the iTunes library upon connection
video converter
Add files to convert them into different formats

The video you have created or downloaded can be converted into different formats using two ways
  1. By directly converting them into the format or for devices of your preference 
  2. Edit the videos using various available features and then convert the videos
I tried using both ways and each gave me a perfect result within minutes.

Features of Editing Videos through Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
This is yet another function added to the Wondershare Video Converter for to edit the videos using five basic features. Let see them one by one below,

Effects Feature: Out of the five available features, I started from the effect feature as I preferred that way. There are 18 effects which includes effects such as
  • Old Movie effects like 1960's effect to your video
  • Black and White effect for a nostalgic feeling to the movie. 
  • Snow effect that adds a look to the movie
  • Pencil Sketch effect that turns the video into an hand-drawn sketch
  • Watercolour effect for giving a feel of water color paintings
  • Colored Bubbles to give an uplift to the video
  • Glow effect filled with more light 
video converter
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate EFFECT FEATURE
Watermark Feature: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has some basic editing powers to personalize your video like cutting, merging, trimming, rotating and even adding watermarks. You can add Image Water mark by uploading your picture as well as use a text watermark. You have an option to edit your text's fonts, size and color including its transparency.

wondershare video converter
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate WATERMARK FEATURE
Trim Feature: The multi-trim function offered by Wondershare is really great to shape up your video the way you want it to be. You can remove unwanted parts anywhere between the video using the Start Time - End Time trimming function and that can be done more than once. You can reset it back in case you if you have changed your mind.

video converter
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate TRIM FEATURE
Other feature like Adjust is used to rotate (clockwise and anticlockwise), flip and crop the video to the desired size. The last feature named as Subtitle is used to add subtitle to the videos either by adding your own files or by searching the subtitle on opensubtitles webpage.

With edited videos, you can also add more video and merge them together in the main interface of the software by ticking the box "Merge all videos into one file". The final converted video is saved in the output folder specified below on the footer of the software.

video converter
Default conversion settings for popular devices

Converting 2D to 3D movies
The ability of the software to create 3D movies, the latest technological revolution which makes a picture enhance more in depth perception giving it a realistic visual entertainment is striking. With 3D media player supporting the playback of 3D MP4 video files, I can create my own 3D MP4 video files with my favoutite 2D Movies. As an example, I tried converting Toy Story 2D Trailer into 3D (see below image) and watched it using a special projection eyewears (I got one free while watching 3D Sleeping Beauty in Xscape cinema). Yes, converting a 2D to a 3D movie was extremely simple and easy using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

wondershare video converter
Converting 2d to 3d movies

convert 2d to 3d
Burn DVDs
Burning your DVD is very much easy using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. After editing, you can burn the movie files into your home DVD using your own personalization. There are some 10 DVD templates available to use and you can also add some background music to your templates. This software provides a complete video conversation along with burning multiple files simultaneously in batch.

If your DVD is copy protected, you are directed to a web page that provides free plugin to remove DRM and dvd copy protection on Windows or Mac

burn DVD
Add DVD templates and then burn DVD

Download Videos From YouTube using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
Another interesting feature is an option to download from the web that is included in the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software. Several times I have used YouTube downloader (whose only function downloading) to download YouTube songs to my PC. But now with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate download feature, I was able to download any YouTube videos within minutes, twice as faster than YouTube downloader (see image below). Not to mention that you can also record videos from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and any other video-sharing sites.

download YouTube video
Download Videos From YouTube
Troubleshooting Facility
With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you have always help at hand. It covers almost all topics on fixing errors including an Online support.

wondershare video converter
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate offers Optimized software interface that improves user experience. With loads of features available in the software at a price as reasonable as $39.99, this easy-to-use video editor is a must have for an excellent and fast video conversion. You can download this Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Software using the above link.


  1. It sounds amazing.... I normally use windows movie maker too, so maybe I should check it out <3

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  8. Thanks so much for the great review, it's awesome : )


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