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Women love dressing up and no women would say “no” to accessories which adds and elevates her beauty. Womenswear Fashion retailer Monsoon has come up with new trends in their Accessorize that goes well in combination with their contemporary and chic designs. They have incorporated some key trends in their Accessorize range with their sports luxe designs packed with its colourful, elegant and feminine range of products. 

Their accessories embraces your outlook and expresses your individuality. The fashion choices are many, from chunky accessories to embroidered bags, jewellery with beautiful patterns of floral designs, colourful flip-flops and chic beach bags.

monsoon accessorize
Monsoon Accessorize Range
The bags (see above) are truly impressive with its color match, embroidery and embellishment. Also, don't forget to step into the next season with their colourful flip flops, stylish and sophisticated sandals. 

Their jewellery collection has a wide range of bracelets, bangles like Luxe Essouaria bangle pack, layer up statement necklaces, along with vintage feel chandelier earrings like Mosaic shimmer chandelier earrings and cocktail rings. The color combinations no doubt are pleasant to the eyes. I personally love the colors they are bringing this spring/summer with a light shade over the jewelleries (below image) added with more pink, blue and white .

monsoon accessorize
Layer up Statement Necklaces
A trip to the beach with chic and over-sized sunglasses, jelly sandals, floral hats, bohemian-inspired beach bags along with a comfortable and romantic combination of fashion jewellery complementing your outfit will surely make heads turn.

monsoon accessorize
Bohemian Beach Bags
monsoon accessorize
Embroidered Bags

Suzie Laing, the creative director at Accessorize said, “Accessorize this season really does reflect our brands DNA - its colourful, its playful and its on trend and hopefully there is something for everybody here in the range. We are really pleased with our beach range this season. We have introduced a lot more colors for our customers."

Lucy Clifford, the shopping editor of the Look Magazine also added,"There is definitely something for everyone. It will make our outfit literally go from zero to hero.”

Yes, there is no doubt Monsoon accessorize has something for everybody. And the Lemon Across Body Bag in the image below is sure impressive and captivating to my eyes.

monsoon accessorize
Lemon Across Body Bag
monsoon accessorize
Fun in fashion is to experiment and with the changing seasons, the looks and preference of colors will also change. Monsoon offers you an opportunity to exercise your fashion statements. This season will be special for Monsoon Accessorize as they will be celebrating their 30th birthday and you will find their stunning display of a globally sourced collection of fashion accessories. Watch the below video to see what they are to offer this spring/summer including beachwear, festival bags and stand-out jewellery.


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