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Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. This week reach to someone that might need a lift ” ― Pablon 

Giving a hand to help someone in need is a deed appreciated. This blog post today is about "Social lending" wherein you help poor people to improve their lifestyle or business. Whatever little you loan them will help them a lot in achieving their dream of having their own toilets, water pipes, small business and more.
Note: The below project has been fully funded. Thank you! But, you can still  fund more projects by using the links below.
Every Little Helps! Milaap is a website created for this social initiative wherein a group of people come forward to help someone in need by loaning whatever money they could and get repaid back 100%, after which you can choose to re-lend some other cause. I chose to lend the cause Sanitation as I felt that it was really important for people and children not to defecate in the open. Especially women on those menstruation times. It is quite unimaginable how stressful is to live without toilets for women. Their privacy is also completely lost. Even children under five whose immune system is still under development are affected by infection and diarrhoea causing illness/death due to poor sanitation.

The below women are asking for you to help them build the basic need for toilet

Palaniyammal and Group
Their Voices
Chandra, Manjula, Arukani, Theivasakthi, and Alagammal are day laborers from the Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu. They are seeking a social loan of Rs 40,000 that they will repay over a period of 18 months. Chandra and Alagammal will use their loans to construct water connections to their homes so that they will no longer have to travel great distances to obtain water. Manjula, Arukani, and Theivasakthi will use their portion of the loan to build toilets in their homes. Currently, the women and their families resort to defecation in open areas in the community. This creates public health issues and unsanitary conditions for the community. With the construction of toilets, the overall health of Manjula, Arukani, and Theivasakthi's families will improve.

social loans
How it works
The loan you offer starting with as little as Rs.500 to completing the loan involves four simple steps with the first one choosing who you want to lend money to. After selecting to which cause you are lending, donate online choosing how much you want to or can donate. When the Repayment Term has completed, the money you lent them will safely return back to you as credits in you account. Finally, you can either withdraw your credits or chose to re-lend the money to someone in need.

social loans




If you appreciate this work by Milaap and wanted to offer what little you can, then please click here. Do share this post on Facebook, Twitter, etc and help these women succeed in getting a proper sanitation. Thank you all in advance.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt



  1. This is an wonderful initiative. Hope people lend money for these rural women. I will share this info with my friends. Keep writing !


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