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Home security systems have become an important aspect for safe guarding our home from increasing theft and other unwanted intruders. With children at home, it becomes all the more necessary for keeping an eye on them when we are at work outside or busy in the kitchen. Keeping an eye on the children sounds safe for any mother and when WatchBot Team sent me this Home Security Camera for review, I was more thrilled since the camera came with an integrated wireless monitoring solution including some special features which offered me more options to keep my home and family safe.

The features of WatchBot Wireless Home Security Camera are numerous and the featured points in image below are what I am going to blog in this post for my step by step WatchBot review as well as for my Video review (see video below).
home security systems
Packaging and Delivery: The WatchBot Home Security Camera was delivered in time, in a medium sized box and was professionally packed with all that was necessary for a prefect home security solution - WatchBot IP Camera, DC Mains Adapter, Ethernet cable, Software, Wall mounting kit, Alarm connection adapter, User guide and a quick set up card.
home security camera

First Look: The WatchBot Home Security Camera had the prefect finish with smooth surface and looked professional. It had everything that one could look in for a home security system. The colour black can match any colour of the home and in fact can be wall mounted being light in weight and with safe design.
watchbot home security camera

Setting Up the WatchBot

The WatchBot CCTV camera can be used wired or wirelessly for accessing through PC or any android devices. I started using Watchbot using the Ethernet cable connected to our modem router. The Watchbot is powered using the DC mains adapter connected to a power source. These are the two wires that were needed to set-up our WatchBot CCTV camera to work. The two lights on the side, orange and green tells us that both the Internet connectivity and the power source are live and running.

Using WatchBot Home Security Camera through PC/Laptop/Desktop

The software that is required to run the Watchbot CCTV camera can be installed in you PC using the CD that came with the WatchBot. 

watchbot home security
After installation, you have to add your camera by going to the tab "Preference"
Preference > Camera List > Search and Add your Camera device.
When you double click your camera, you can see a box that displays your device name, device IP and device ID ( ID can be found under your camera). Click OK and go to the tab named "Camera"

watchbot home security
WatchBot Home Security Camera on PC/Desktop
From the above image, you can see that our camera "WatchBot1" is added on the first screen. You can add up to nine cameras using the user interface split screen. Right now, I have added only one camera. Also, I have enabled the light to be switched on for the night vision. The quality of the image can be found to be high even in the night mode. We can now use the viewing angle and rotation marked like a circle above for moving the camera to the way we want. The You Tube video right at the end will give you a real running picture of the same.

Setting up Motion Detector Alarm

Set the Alarm connection adapter into the WatchBot cctv camera. Next, go to configuration on your WatchBot software > Alarm > Tick all that is necessary like Motion Detection Armed and how you want the Alarm notification to be sent. On below image, I have set Scheduler for the seven days at a random time interval. Each hour is divided into 15 min interval. The captured image is set to be sent to my Email and also to be uploaded on my Alarm. Also this camera supports a micro SD memory slot and you can record and store videos locally on the device using a micro SD card by configuration the settings under "SD Record Scheme" you see on the below image. The alarm on my WatchBot worked perfectly as I have set it and is something very needed when you are away for a holiday.
watchbot home security
Motion Detection and Email Alerts

Using WatchBot Home Security Camera for Android

Now, I am going to try using my WatchBot cctv camera in my Android Tablet. By doing so, I can control my WatchBot from anywhere in my home, even during my sleep at night time. For this, I downloaded the WatchBot software for Android from the Internet and installed the app in my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. After  installation, I accessed my Watchbot with even more ease than I did with my PC. 
watchbot wireless home security
WatchBot Home Security Camera on Android
The feature that is more attractive is the two-way audio that the WatchBot offers. See the microphone symbol displayed on the above image. We can listen to whats happening on the other side of the camera as well as by pressing and  holding it, we  can speak through it and those on the opposite side near the WatchBot camera can clearly hear us. It looks like a mini robot came to life. You also got an option to save the footage from your camera for offline viewing - supports IE and .AVI file.

Setting Up and Using WatchBot Wirelessly

Using the WatchBot software, double click on your camera to open up a setting box. Under WiFi, scan your wireless network list and choose your provider from the list displayed. Enter you Share Key or Password and Save it. Now, your WatchBot is ready to accessed wirelessly. 

A detailed video on how to set-up the Watchbot wireless camera on both PC and Android is given below. Click on the video to see how WatchBot works .

Features of WatchBot Home Security Camera

  • Compatible with all Internet Devices.
  • Viewing Angle, pan & tilt functionality from your Internet device
  • User Interface Split Screen monitors up to nine cameras 
  • Two way audio feature for communication
  • Allows to operate wirelessly (WEP secured network only)
  • Built-in infra red sensors for night view
  • Built in web server to view live feed from the camera
  • Supports micro SD card which can record and store videos locally on the device.
  • Intelligent Motion Sensor sends an alarm to your mobile phone, FTP and Email alerts.

Overall, I love this cctv camera with its rich features and its ability to use it with ease. It comes with a price tag of $237 with a 100% money back guarantee. I really recommend this camera for having a lots of special features like Alarm, Motion sensor, Night vision, Large monitoring area, noiseless movement, quality product, high quality video, can be wall mounted, powerful in build-in web server, wireless, portable and compatible with all Internet devices. This camera is a gift for those who wish to have a home security solution installed in their home.

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review. All opinions and the video embedded above are my own.


  1. Love all your reviews Uma, nice detailed post with clicks, you are doing a great job. This security camera is a good one :)

    1. Thanks Gita and I must say that I loved this camera at first sight and about the functions, it offers many.

  2. Awesome Review!!

  3. This is awesome anni. watched your video too.. as u mentioned its detailed review. so, where u gonna fix this in ur home :)

    1. Already done Bhawya! My home is being monitored using my Samsung Tab along with Watchbot :)

  4. Very useful and very detailed.


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