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Imagine asking your child for an idea to create something to solve the issues of beauty tools cluttering your home with wires spread everywhere and your son comes up with a magic solution using his LEGO toys which in turn made his Mom a millionaire. Sounds good to be true! But, this is what actually happened in Mrs.Marcy McKenna's life when his son Jack built the prototype with the help of his mother and grandmother using Lego bricks. 

The family together set out to work the compartments needed in the box and where the electrical gadgets should to stored. Finally, their wall mounted electrical hair care cabinet product titled "The Style and Go™ Hair Care Valet" is all set for sales. It helps to use your hair appliances from the same place that you store them with wires /cords hidden beneath and with a mirror that helps you in the front. "Why didn't I think about this" should be running on your minds now.

Okay, but making a dream project come true is not easy. To bring in funds, she entered into TLC's contest, Homemade Millionaire and winning the final title made Mrs McKenna dream come true. The finished product was sold out after three appearance on QVC and now her project reaps revenues in dollars. Wait! did I see my five year old son playing with his LEGO toys and oh, it's time I need to wear my thinking caps now :)

Style and Go
The Style and Go Wall Cabinet


  1. Great article!

    Good to know about this and made a good inspiration.

  2. Nice one, Uma! "An Idea can change your life." All we need is the right application & passion :)


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