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Are you the one who surfs the net for hours to find restaurants located near you to order food online? If your answer is yes, you are just like me. I tend to browse for good restaurants that offers home delivery option especially when I am sick and find ways to feed my family or wanted to try something new at home apart from my homemade food. And more often I land for the Pizza since it is the only one I know that offers online food ordering easy.

Though online ordering of lifestyle goods, fashion accessories and electronics items with home delivery have grown tremendously each year with big retailers like EBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. there was one area that I feel has been neglected for long. It's Food. My mindset changed when I happen to stumble upon After all, food has not been neglected and in minutes, I started browsing and ordered my first food online. It was an easy and hassle free experiment and now made a way to form a blog post.

Who are the Food Pandas?

Food Panda are a team of people who have already established their website with over 22,000 restaurants in countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Their vision is to make FoodPanda, the most powerful and friendly online tool for food delivery all over the world. In India, its called Food offers online grocery shopping, delivery of fast foods, Chinese foods, Indian foods, Pizza and even cakes finding and retrieving restaurants nearer to your location. Currently, they offer their service in about 15 cities in India which includes Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Features of Food

  • Easy and effective food search engine that retrieves restaurants nearer to your location 
  • User friendly website with easy to follow instructions
  • Customer feedback for each restaurant service through FoodPanda
  • The website updates every few minutes keeping you informed. Even when you order late at night using a particular restaurant menu, you get a message that the restaurant is closed and offers you to either pre-order for later delivery or search for an open restaurant with a search button and retrieves the restaurants that are currently open.
  • Offers hassle free filtering and sorting options according to cuisines, deals, delivery fee and ratings.
  • Option for Home delivery and takeaways
  • Payments by Cash (COD), Cards or Net banking
  • No ads or unwanted pop ups

How to order food online using Food Panda

You can order your food online in just four easy steps,
order food online
1. Go online to, create an account and find the restaurants that are available nearer to you by choosing your city and location using the easy drop down menu. Then click, "Find food now! " button.

food panda india
Search for restaurants nearer you using
2. Food Panda India retrieves all the restaurants that are available near your location from its database in less than a minute. You can use the search option to find your favourite restaurant or use the filters on the side and the top to select your restaurant. Then, click the green button "Go to Menu" on your chosen restaurant.

order food online
Retrieved results of Food Panda
The chosen restaurant menu gets displayed wherein you can browse and add foods to your order on the right hand side. Don't panic if you chose wrong. You can still remove the ones you don't need and add more using the "-" and "+" buttons below the food names. After you complete adding your foods to your order, you can directly proceed to checkout.

order food online
Restaurant Menu displayed in Food Panda Website

3. Now that you have selected your food, you can see the total amount you need to pay including VAT or delivery fees which is highlighted on the right side "Your Order" bar. When you are satisfied with your order, click "Proceed to checkout" wherein you will be asked for delivery address and your mode of payment. Faaso's restaurant accepts Cash on delivery making your delivery easy and hence you don't need any card details. All you got to do is confirm your order and wait for the delivery guy to bring your food order home and pay him. 

order food online
Confirm your payment and order your food
4. The restaurant delivers the ordered food within the the time indicated in their restaurant page. The delivery timing may vary with the restaurants.

Other features:

You can easy find a restaurant delivery and takeaway timings, your delivery fee (if present ) and the address details of your restaurant on the particular restaurant page "Info tab". This is not necessary but is one appreciable feature to let the customer find out whether their ordered foods will reach in time. There is also the reviews tab wherein you can read the reviews or write one after you get your first order from FoodPanda.

order food online
Restaurant Delivery and Pick up Timings
There are many food outlets in Food Panda website which offers options to pay through credit card and Net banking (see below image). You also have an option to pre-order your foods or cakes by choosing your delivery date and time. This is a lovely option when it comes to order cakes for special events and birthdays.

order cakes online
Type of delivery and Payment options displayed in
Another impressive feature is that some restaurants which specialises in Fast foods, wraps and Pizzas in Food Panda do allow you to select your choice of base, add-ons and toppings along with the required price needed for the same.

fast food delivery
Option to choose your base and add-ons
I really like these impressive features which makes food ordering comfy by offering different choices of restaurant available near my location and also different mode of payments. It is a boon especially for the old or the sick peoples who can't travel long just to order food. I really do hope by adding more cities in future, even people living in small cities like can enjoy food delivery to home. Food Panda also serves as an alternative option for people who look out to try new dishes, arrival for sudden guests, ordering foods for special events, get-together and parties.

Now come on friends and readers, do tell me how soon are you to order or test this online food ordering platform What are your views on this website?


  1. Haven't tried it yet. Looks great though.

    1. Yes! it looks great esp. because its food :)

  2. Wow! This is cool!
    Time to try it out. :)

  3. Cool. Will try it out!!

  4. I have tried it :) Really cool.
    Nice guide, Uma!

    1. Hi Anita, great you have tried it already. I only hope that they add more restaurants and more cities in near future so as many people can use it.

  5. Variety and so many useful posts Uma, kalukoora :) this one is a keeper and definitely very useful!

    1. Yes Gita! It is sure useful website. And I hope that this convenience of ordering food online is available to all cities as well.

  6. Akanksha0kapoor05 August, 2015

    Pathetic service once twice its same… First they say estimate time is 60 min .. But one need to be prepaired , you are not gonna get you food before 2 hrs , they addvertise saying you will get HOT food but when u receive the food it will look like its been hours that the food is out of the kitchen , Not only this it happend to me twice both the time I got a confirmation mail and msg saying my order is confirmed and after waiting for 60 min whn I call the reasturant to know where is my food , I got another surprise waiting for me …HELLO! Madem we dnt receive any order from food panda

    Amazing after waiting for more than hour we get nthong not even the cold food ..isn’t this awsum

    I told the reasturant people that how is it possible , after a confirmation msg even I got a call from food panda saying the order I have placed is not available can we replace it , and I said yes you can , and now you telling me you dnt receive the order ..GREAT !!

    Icing on the cake is ..they have option of night delivery but their customer service working hour is 11am to 11 pm so if u have placed your order like me around 10 pm and after waiting for their estimate time if you dn't get your food then dnt let your face get red and blue in anger becoz there s no way you ll get an answer from food panda as they are off duty by now .. SIMPLE

    I request people not to order food using FOOD PANDA , they give you discounts but that discount is not even worth of all this time we waste jst for waiting for that cold , sogi food or you can be at my place with not getting your food only



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