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Tablets became the main device for e-learning among children. The birthday gifts starting from three year old child to that of a teenage child are more of tablets now than that of the Barbie dolls or the Disney cars. The increase in E-learning and tremendous amounts of apps available in Apple/Android market just made Tablets a useful investment for children. 

Along with these powerful devices came various accessories, especially that which is specially designed with children in mind. One of them is TabZoo which features different animal faces with bright attractive colours. The sleeves are designed for tablets measuring 10-11 inches, 7 to 8 inches and for iPad Mini. Out of six different animal like look tablet sleeve, I received the Panda Tablet sleeve for my Samsung Tab 2 device.

kids tablet sleeve
TabZoo Panda Sleeve for Kids
The features of Panda tablet sleeve were quite attractive with bright colours and contrary to what I believed it to be, it was quite sturdy and strong. The sleeve itself was build in cloth which makes it washable and  the embroidery stitches near the big eyes were up to the mark. 

My tablet easily slipped inside the Tabzoo sleeve making it look as if it was swallowed by an animal. The heavy duty zippers on the side possess the TabZoo logo on them. Another amazing feature is that tablet is covered by an anti-shock EVA padded interior which keeps your tablet safe that too with kids who can let the tablet slip easily out of their hand. The pads were thick and no doubt it would offer an excellent protection to the tablet.

tablet sleeve for kids
Anti-shock EVA Padded Interior
I also came to know that the jaw along with teeth served as a Tablet stand. The tablet seamlessly sits between the jaws and helps as an innovative stand clutching my tablet safe. Since the tablet sleeve was of perfect quality and finish, I did not find any flaw with its design or use.

My daughter enjoyed using this tablet sleeve and Panda sleeve was her selection. Now, it is easier for her to use the tablet in slanting position for her games and learning. I too loved the idea of packed features of an animal face that made the external of a tablet sleeve, the internal anti shock pads which looks like inside of an animal mouth, the jaws and teeth as a tablet stand and finally a small tail like hinge on the back.

tabzoo sleeve
Tablet Sleeve with stand for Kids - Side look
tablet sleeve with stand
Tablet Sleeve with stand for Kids - Front Look

Features of TabZoo Tablet Sleeve

  • Innovative design with bright colours and expressive big eyes especially made for children
  • Protective Pink Anti-shock EVA padded interior that looks like the animal mouth
  • Serves as the Tablet stand by the jaws of the Tabzoo creatures
  • Thick, unique, sturdy and build with Neoprene 
  • It comes in six different high quality animal faces with embroidered eye detailing
  • Available in different Tablet sizes like 7-8 inch, 10-11 inch including iPad Mini versions.

tablet case
Tabzoo Tablet Sleeve hanging on the wall
Overall, I liked and would recommend this Tablet sleeve for young children. I wished if there was one feature that could be added to Tabzoo, it would be a shoulder strap. It was the only one missing feature for kids but not necessarily important. And believe me, I even made use of the small hinge on the Tab Zoo's back. It carried my Samsung Tablet safe and as I hung up my Tabzoo on my living room wall, it looked more like a miniature art. Personally, I believe it was a great buy.

Giveaway Time!

tablet sleeve for kids

Would you also love to get a Tablet sleeve like the one above? If your answer is yes, then here is a giveaway for one lucky reader of this blog. The entry for this giveaway is easy and free. All you got to do is to answer the question below. Yes, the quality of your entry is equally important. You can also follow Tabzoo's Facebook Page and their Twitter account for more information and offers.

Comment which one of the above tablet sleeve is your favourite and why? Stand a chance to win a 7"-8" tablet sleeve yourself.

Update: Winner Announced ! 
Congratulations Meenakshi! You are our winner for this tablet sleeve. Kindly share your contact details to my email ID (see contact above).

Thank to all participants and don't worry if you have not won this time. Your time shall come with more of our giveaways coming soon.


  1. I like all the features, esp it serves as a tablet stand. (My pick is Panda sleeve, it looks very cute)

  2. Wow Uma! These TabZoo Tablet Sleeves Stand are so wonderful! Great not only for Kids, but for all :)
    My favorite is the Tiger TabZoo Sleeve.
    I love the Tiger Sleeve as it has Tiger- India's national animal that's bright & colorful.
    The orange & black stripes combination makes it look very attractive. The Tiger Sleeve also puts Tigers in focus and will serve as a constant reminder that the clock is ticking and the Tiger-population is dwindling... and that we gotta ensure their conservation and not allow Tigers to get extinct...
    It makes good sense to gift such gifts that make kids environment-conscious.

  3. I like the Tiger TabZoo Sleeve design, it has more striking color than other, fierce design and most of all it useful..

  4. Waiting for the results of this contest, Uma :) Fingers crossed :)

  5. With The Tiger being a popular, and The Panda having been taken, I would like to go for the Lion Tabzoo Tablet Sleeve...

    My Reasons for this choice would be :-

    The Lion Is A Synonym With Royalty...
    As The Forest King, He Is Honored...

    That Royal Pride, The Honor, The Esteem...
    Is Reflected From The Very Imagery...

    More So Because There's A Royalty In The House Too...
    The Queen Of Our Eyes - Who Prides On Her Tablet...

    A Royal Protection For Her Tablet Would Be As Just...
    Thus, Lion TabZoo It Has To Be All The Way!

    Hopes High on this one, Uma. Fingers Crossed! :)

  6. Interesting... I did not know that such tablet sleeves exist. May be I never tried to look around. Very useful though.

  7. I like the yellow one because yellow is the symbol of sunshine......its really very nice.I would like to win the lion one as we know lion is the king of the jungle....


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