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Creativity starts at home and this Easter, we brought in more fun ideas crafting our own Easter bonnet hats. Not long before we used to buy a bonnet hat and some ready made chicks and plastic eggs to decorate our bonnet hats. Later I learnt that a completely homemade hats starting from scratch is the most preferred and liked in my kids school. And so this Easter, we settled for cardboard and coloured papers.

The below image is a Duck Easter Bonnet Hat that I made for my son. The left side duck hat suits for the girl child with its long eye lashes but for my son, we had to cut the eye lashes a little, add a bow tie along with a eye glass to make the little duck look like a boy.
duck easter bonnet hat
Duck Bonnet Hat

Materials Needed:

- A sheet of thick paper (or) brown paper used for rolling gift wraps
- A yellow coloured tissue paper
- A black paper 
- Scissor
- Adhesive tape
- Transparent Cello Tape

How to Make a Duck Easter Bonnet Hat

Step 1: Take a large sheet of thick paper which forms the base for our Easter bonnet hat. I had used the brown cover used for gift warps (yes, I recycled it) and stuck the ends using an adhesive tape as per the measurement taken for my son's head.

Step 2: Except the lower end, all the other ends are sealed using an adhesive tape. Then using a yellow tissue paper I covered the top and sides. After doing so, the image should look something like the below one.

easy easter bonnet hat

Step 3: Now that I have covered the whole of the top and sides with yellow tissue paper, it is time to make the beaks to give life to a face of a duckling. Using an orange A4 sheet (or coloured paper), make a beak by cutting a rectangle and folding it in between ( for both top and bottom ) . To make the beaks stand in place, I had used the transparent cello tape for both the top and bottom beaks .

duck easter bonnet hat

Step 4:  For the eyes, I cut two circles from a black sheet of paper with the help of a coin and a scissor. And for the eyelashes, I cut thin strips using the remaining black paper. Finally I stuck them on to the yellow tissue paper using a transparent cello tape.
easter bonnet hat
Easter Bonnet Hats for Kids
Step 5: Cut along the bottom sides to make it decorative. You can leave the hat just like that or make it look boyish by adding a glass and a bow tie. For girls bonnet hat, you can add some flowers on the sides (see left side image). 

duck easter bonnet hat
Easter Bonnet Hats for Kids
Hurray! Now our cute looking Eater Bonnet Hat is ready. And I hope you will find making this Easter Bonnet Hat simple, easy, effective and above all the materials are cheap as well as easily available in our household :)


  1. I would say u are a super mom.. Making things for kids is the happiest moment.
    It looks very cool..

  2. nice craft you made for your kids .. :)

  3. That looks interesting and cool Uma :)

  4. Great work. Creative ideas are the most required things today for children.

  5. Nice cool hats Uma, this time the kids just have a regular Easter egg hunt at their school. I had some regular spring hats and outfits for the kids for the occasion but you have given a good creative idea :)


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