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Nature's friend is what I love to tag myself. Being born in the 80's when there were more number of trees and fields in my town, I have never been left without interacting with Mother Nature everyday.

The outdoor adventures that I had as a child playing in the fields, bringing tadpoles home thinking they are baby fishes, aiming to strike a stone for that ripe mango in the mango groves, bathing and fishing in the pond in my grandma's village and waiting patiently for the pupa to hatch into a butterfly from the pink Oleander tree in my garden cannot be recreated in this present world which is way lot different with almost all fields and ponds taking the form of buildings and waterless pits.

Yes, as a child I experienced fresh air, chemical free water and moist sands wherein I had dug for those tiny bulks of clay to build my own toys and play-kits. The lack of technology and traffic-free roads made us go outside, before any neighbouring kid would come home knocking the door and calling out my name to join in their roadside fun games. I grew more closer to nature which made me whom I am today - caring and amicable to all living things around me.

Though my kids cannot experience what I have had decades before, I still try making them play outdoors and let them do whatever they love to do and in fact have their own experience with today's mother nature. After all Mother Nature serves as a child's best learning environment.
kids and nature
The Garden is their Paradise
My home garden is the best place to be in for looking at different flowering plant and croutons. My dad used to buy different varieties of plants and as he digs the mud for planting them, my kids watch and help him with watering the new plant. Very soon, their little brain tried making their own version of digging plants with combs and sticks, drenching themselves in the garden tap water in the name of watering the plants and sometimes bring in news of discovering some tiny insects.

The garden also served them as a wonderful place for watching butterflies, ants and even frogs. Both Cherry and Berry had many lovable memories in this garden. One problem I faced with my son Berry is that he always plucks the leaves and flowers making them as a toy in his game. But again compared to what I have done as a child, I had to let them go and that's what my parents tells me.

nature friends
The Touch of Mother Nature - Barefoot on Sand
Who doesn't love playing in the sand and crave for those smell of moist sand -petrichor? I myself have been quite a prankster jumping and playing in sand as a kid. And it is not fair to not let my kids enjoy life as close as touching mother nature's feet. Both Cherry and Berry love to indulge themselves trying hard to build sand castles and then slowly enjoying their moments with sand.

nature friends
Flowers and Plants are my best buddies says my son
Though both Cherry and Berry had grown a little, they still love playing outdoor in the garden old or new. My little prankster Berry is always behind the flowers but slowly learnt to take care of one which he himself seeded once. There are times the kids stumble upon tiny ants and bugs too. Soon, they start chasing them and calling out for me telling stories of what information they have found through those insects. Both Cherry and Berry are not afraid of insects and I am proud of them.

While Cherry is sensitive and caring, Berry can crush it with his slipper without hesitation. This is where Cherry gets upset with her brother complaining,"Don't! It has its job to do. May be its is going back to its home to meet its family". Slowly, Berry too learnt to avoid the insects and let it go its way.

hens cockerels
These birds are real friendly and watching them is a pleasure
Like me, my kids love watching how things works in reality. Once when we visited  my grandma's town , the kids happen to visit the hens and cockerels in the fields. They were even luckier to watch an egg hatch. My youngest after watching all about egg hatching came to me and questioned ," How does cats and dogs lay eggs?". I corrected him, "No, they are not birds to lay eggs but mammals like us and give birth to young ones".

With my first hand experience I had as a child taking care of my own pet cat mothering its kittens, I told them all that I know about a cat's life. My kids became very interested and soon wanted to own a pet cat or at least a dog. I had promised them one soon on their coming birthday. 

playing bubbles
Bubbles , Bubbles and Bubbles - Colourful and Fun
Apart from spending time with sands, insects, animals and plants, my kids love blowing and popping bubbles along with running outside for hide and seek games. 

Cherry was crazy for bubbles. As she blows the bubbles, my son would pop them one by one. The colours the bubbles reflect is one awesome magic that nature itself can bestow. 

Yes, bonding with nature gives my children first hand experience that we learn on books or watch on the television or laptop screen. The sense of touch and feel offers an unique experience making us communicate directly with nature. I believe that my children relationship with nature is an enriching experience in every way of their development.
playing outdoors
Come on! Join us to visit Mother Nature
Yes! my children are friends with nature and love spending time outdoors. I always believe that the more they spend time with Mother Nature outside, the more they learn to question/reason about why, where and how.

And yes, we are always ready to meet and greet sunshine and some greens into our little family. From growing our own plants to observing tiny lives on the ground,

Observation is the key to all language 
and as I observe, I see tiny ants
following their leader in lines
toward their constructed ant hill

Sometimes, they meet some passerby
wherein they exchange hello's and hi's
shaking hands, brushing with their antennaes

They love carrying larger food
A dead worm or insects in groups
carrying it home, deep down the hill
to feed and store for their future needs.

Did I see them carry someone hurt
A dead ant towards their colony
Don't tell me they have a cemetery
Strange but true they do have one

Easily, they can track their foods 
following the search ants trails of scent 
by calculating their optimal shortest route 
Yes, communication is their power key 

Oops! these guys attacked me
with those tiny yet sharp mandibles
making me scratch my foot in pain
Such tiny fellow is an awesome warrior

They protect, they guard and they defend
Small yet mighty hardworking creatures
I could sit for hours watching their life
And learning life lessons, maths and science

Yup! here I go again with not just ants
 But now, I observe a tiny worm ...


  1. Great post.. Vidhu is Photocopy of you.. Loved her explaination about the insect.. very cute :)
    100 likes for ajay's innocent ques "How does cats and dogs lay eggs?". :) .
    Everthing perfect for this topic. Hope you win:) ATB..

    1. Thanks Bhawya :) Yes, when kids talk we parents will be transported to a fantasy world along with their imaginations. How different and wonderful our world becomes with kids !

  2. I would like to say that this post is awesome, nice written and include almost all important information. I’d like to see more posts like this.

  3. and i was transported to the land of gypsies.. such a cute relationship of child and nature :) .. they both look so adorable :)all the best for contest :)

    1. hehe ...yes! Sometimes Ankur even when I sad, their naughty talks and smiles is so contagious that for a moment I don't live in the present. Taking kids outdoors also makes us parents to a take a break from sitting at home in a good way :)

  4. Your children are so cute and truly so close to nature. Loved your post with its amazing photographs, the write up and the poem. All the best for the contest Uma, though I kind of know that I will see your name in the winner's list :)

    1. Thank you Kushboo! Hope you words come true and yes, if I ever win I will make a list of all things I have seen and preserve those memories :)

  5. Delightful pics of your children. Very well documented events.
    Loved your kids' innocent questions.

  6. Beautiful! Indeed a winning post!

  7. Cute cascade of nature friendly memories. Lovely photographs. Children lives their happiest childhood if close to nature. :)

    1. True Namrata! I always believe in it :)

  8. Lovely post! Cute kids...God bless!

  9. cute little chaps, bless you :)


  10. Very nice post and beautiful pictures! I love the way you are teaching your children to connect with nature.

  11. Lovely, Uma :) Sure-shot winner :)
    Great that you have captured cool, fun pics of your kids with nature & have shared those precious moments & their observations too.
    Best wishes!

  12. Such a lovely post, makes me so nostalgic. Like you said I too make sure my kids have enough outdoor activity, simple things like just going to the parks or trail walks, sandboxes, and of course swimming pools :)

    1. Thanks Gits! Outdoor activities are really good and I know how nostalgic it was when we cousins had the most fun you remember the time we brought frogs to our home as kids in little jam bottles ;)


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