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Wildflowers are native plants which can be naturally vibrant and is said to be rarely modified by artificial selection or breeding. It helps restore balance in nature and protecting these native wildflowers becomes very important to prevent biodiversity loss especially in a phase wherein we see an alarming decline in bees and butterflies populations.

Some wildflowers are said to attracts specific species of insects and birds acting as their food reservoir. They are considered as the best plants to attract butterflies since these creatures have already adapted to using these wildflowers over thousands of years. The insects which feeds on these wildflowers are beneficial to human beings and other living beings as these insects help fertilize the food crops we eat.

butterflies and native wildflowers

In a study published by Thomas G. Barnes, Ph.D. Wildlife Specialist, University of Kentucky, it has been written that fourty two species of butterfly are known to use common milkweed, twenty species are known to use swamp or red milkweed and purple coneflowers are used by at least 22 species.

Owing to the decline in natural habitats, let's GrowWildUK started a campaign to spread awareness on how important for gardeners and those interested in gardening to plant native wildflowers to help attract and feed butterflies. Check out the video below to see what is the campaign all about.

On an exclusive roof top gig on April 6, 2104,BBC Radio 1 Presenter Gemma Cairney met the Neon Jungle band members Shereen, Amira, Jess and Asami who were there for the official launch of Grow Wild campaign fund by Big lottery in association with Kew botanical gardens. The Neon Jungle team was as excited with the launch helping spread the awareness of Grow wild project as well as meeting with their fans who caught a sneak preview of the much awaited new single from the band.

For Gemma's question how important is Grow wild campaign is and how much difference it could make, Lucie Kerley of Kew gardens replied that Grow wild campaign is meant to get new people across the UK interested in growing wildflowers in spaces around them. And it could make a massive difference since a multitudes of food grown in UK relies on pollinating insects.

Jack Shilley, director of Younghort also points out that Nature being huge important, people have to rely on wildflowers which are the key to keep the native species and ensure that plants get pollinated for future generations. Wild grow projects also provides free seeds and community projects to lots of people especially the young people. 

You can get involved in the Grow Wild project in their Facebook page and even sign up for your own native wild flower seeds. These wildflower seeds will just needs a little space in your garden or backyard and the result of planting them will be rewarding enough attracting a rich variety of wildlife into your garden. These local wildflowers naturally belong to the environment, colonize themselves quickly since the ground soil has been already tuned to its needs whatever the weather is. In no matter of time, your garden comes to life with bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering along with the palette of colours the wildflowers brings into your garden. 

The above campaign runs in three phases - spring, summer and autumn, and people are encouraged to share their updates and photography through social networks. Details of the happenings from community projects and individuals involved in sowing wild flower seeds can be found at the Grow Wild website ( and Facebook page ( and twitter hashtags #GrowWild or #LetsGrowWild. Come on, let's grow wild together!


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  4. Very interesting and informative post Uma. When I saw my kids chasing a couple of butterflies recently made me realize how much precious these little things are to the little ones. Your post makes sense to me right now :)

  5. I agree with the post. We must plant more native species in our urban spaces to keep the bio diversity alive. Alien and invasive species like the Lantana only destroy our natural eco systems.

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